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Call of Duty Demo Anyone?


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Originally posted by ant1@Aug 31 2003, 02:32 PM

great demo but damn it's short. is there any reason to keep it on my hardrive? will they add anything to this demo?


I couldn't say if you will need this on you HD or not, I'm not even sure what I'm about ot say is correct, but I thought I heard there was also going to be a multiplayer demo. Like I siad I could have that confused, but I doubt you will need the SP demo in any case.


I ended up playing through twice and I'm really quite stoked about the full release. Very fun demo, but to damn short. :evil:

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Wow. I had no interest in this at all (for some reason Allied Assault just didn't grab me in its demo) but thought I'd give it a go while you're all raving about it. Stunning; if the multiplayer (should there be any) captures anything of this at all I've found my Counter-Strike replacement.


Somehow, despite it clearly being the case, they've made it feel less like a fancily drawn corridor fight this time; the atmospherics are great.


And by a freak of nature, it plays fine at my monitor's native resolution of 1024 on my Athlon 900+GeForce2Ultra combo, unlike some new games.

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I downloaded and played it for a bit. It's MOH with better graphics which is good because I'm already sold.


It did run like a boar on my machine though.


AMD 1.33 Geforce 3 768 ram. Ran it at the same resolution as what I normally run it at which is 1280x1024 with options on and it was unplayable. I turned it down to 800x600 with some options and was doing ok at best. I hope this is just buggy software.

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My GeForce 2 defaulted to having a stack of options off; leaving them off meant it ran absolutely fine at 1024x768 - I'd imagine you're either turning on a stack of stuff that was just included to keep Radeon 9800s and the like busy, or the performance problem is in pixel shader code that I'm just ignoring. In any case, it looked just fine to me with the default settings, so I'm happy.

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