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Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

Derrik Draven

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Anyone else picking this up? I've been somewhat interested in it since it was 1st announced. Just kinda kept a eye on it.


I did the 1st Oddworld game: Abe's Oddysey, and thought it was great. Munch's Oddysey, an Xbox launch title, failed to impress me at all and, I quit without getting very far into the game.


The reviews on this are pretty good. Team Xbox gave it the best review so far with a 9.1. Gamespot and IGN were almost the same exact score, being in the mid, to high, 8's. :tu


Funny thing with these reviewers though, the guy on Gamespot slammed the voice acting and cited it as one of the downfalls to this game and, the guy at TeamXbox glorified the voice acting and said that is was very good. :P


Talk about different opinions.

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I was at Gamestop today and was going to grab Oddworld:SW but they weren't getting their copies until Wednesday. Beer Monkey has a nice little write up regarding the game over on their website. Looks like a fun game full of character and whatnot.


Anyway I felt the need to get something since I was already at Gamestop and had $55 store credit so I snagged Fable finally. :)

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Damn you all. Damn you EA.


I said I wasn't going to buy ANY EA games for a while.


I guess my while is up.


I hate you Romier. ;)


Buy it used. You save at least $5, EA doesn't get a dime.


I haven't really read up on the game too much, but if it has the same sense of humor as the others then it'll be worth a look.

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I've got a few hours into it and, it's damn sweet! :tu


It's not often that I find a game to be genuinely funny BUT...I was only about 45min into the game, and some guy I had to get yelled up to me, "Hey pretty boy, come on down here and I'll give ya a present. The present will be that I won't beat the piss outta ya"!! :lmfao


If you could only hear the accent the guy had and how honestly he said it! I literally laughed out loud. Lots of truly, genuinely funny comments in this game. :D


The only drawback, so far, to what's being said, is that all the voices are used over and over and over....All the enemies sound the same and, all of the little dudes in the towns, sound the same.

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Any more impressions from anyone? Is the staff progress report still coming?


I'm hearing good things about the game & I'm thinking about picking it up this week...but I'm not sure if I should wait for a price drop instead. (budget's tighter now since I'm remodeling the basement)

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My copy arrived from Gamefly yesterday and I put about an hour into it. Very fun game. As usual, the Oddworld graphics are fantastic as are the character models. The controls are also well done and I love the "Live" ammo. Very interesting. The game has me interested, and I am going to try and play through a lot of it this weekend.



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I just finished the game last night. VERY enjoyable game. I thought the production value was high all the way through.


The scenery keeps getting more and more impressive as you go. Some of the final areas are just jaw droppingly massive. I stood and just looked around quite a bit through this game.


I did not see the twist in the plot coming. Thought it was pretty cool and not cheap.


The reviews that mentioned that the boss fights do not ramp up in difficulty, but are kind of haphazard, are correct. One particular fight in the middle of the game, was a hair pulling, controller throwing, ordeal. The final fight was no big deal.


If you guys have some good subwoofers, I mean, REALLY good subs...this game is sick, sick SICK!!!!!! My floors upstairs were shaking, the shockwaves would hit my couch and rumble the walls....and I really didn't have the sound cranked. Just ALOT of bass info on the explosions. :tu


Of course, having dual SVS16-46pc+'s, doesn't hurt! :rock


I found the enemy AI to be decent. It's not Halo 2 but, they don't mindlessly lock onto you and just run straight at you. They're smart enough to back off and keep you running at them while they shoot you to pieces. They'll hide behind objects when they can. Sometimes though, I'd be hiding behind a rock, ect...and they would know I'm there but, some would just still keep coming as I whacked them out as they rounded the bend. Over and over. That was kinda weak.


Many times, approaching a showdown with a boss, having to fight my way through his boys, I'd have to find a very stealthy way to go, if you want max moolah. It's very hard to fight several enemies at once with the idea of just hurting them/knocking them out, to get the big bucks. Too many times when fighting a group, you have to go ballisitic just to save your ass, in the process, killing most of the enemies and getting a lame-o payout.


I found it to be a ton of fun luring out enemies with a Chip Punk and with slamming the back of their head and knocking them out, or bagging them with a Bolomite and taking them that way.


If you prefer just pure run-n-gun, in my opinion, you'll have a very difficult time finishing the game. Some of these enemies have kick ass aim and, they can hit hard. You won't last long which, is nice because it forces you to think a bit before tackling a horde of enemies. I like that in my games.


Gamespot reviewed the voice acting as being the part that drags down the game, because it wasn't any good....?!?!? :wtf The voice acting was very well done, imho. I've played enough "master of lockpicking" games to know shitty ass voice acting when I hear it. I didn't hear ANY weak v.a. in this game. My only semi-gripe, in respect to the voices, is that there aren't enough of them. If you check the credits, Lorne Lanning voices like, seven characters, or something like that. The whole voice acting crew was the developers themselves so, there is a ton of repetition. But, they deliver their lines excellently!


I don't know why they didn't just adjust the pitch of the voices? Then you could have the same guy doing a bunch of characters but, one would have a high pitched voice, another would be lower, ect. It would just help mask the limited number of actors. But...they didn't do that.


The game, to me, is worth the purchase price. It delivers a pretty damn fun and funny time, and it doesn't feel "rip off short", either. I HATE paying a full price and getting a game that lasts less than 1 afternoon.


Definitely looking forward to a sequel! :D

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I just finished this game. Couldn't put it down. I very rarely finish a game.


IMO, this game is going to slip under the radar like Metal Arms did. Not much buzz about it.


I highly recommend picking this game up.


My favorite things about the game:

  1. Excellent graphics. Some of the areas were VERY large, with huge draw distances. I especially liked how you could shoot your zapflies at something several hundred yards away and they wouldn't just disappear.
  2. Sound effects were top notch. Good surround effects, and (like Derrik mentioned, great bass!)
  3. Terrific gameplay. I really enjoyed the double-barreled crossbow and the live ammo. Each piece of ammo followed its own rules of physics and had unique effects. In the later levels, the upgraded ammo is really cool.

If you've played too many "run of the mill" shooters, or if you want a break from Halo 2...give this a try.

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IMO, this game is going to slip under the radar like Metal Arms did. Not much buzz about it.


It's actually performing OK at retail. Certainly not on par with an NBA Street V3 but much better than Metal Arms did.


This is the best game I've played since Halo 2. I really hope they do a follow-up -and that they add a multiplayer mode.


BTW, anyone else surprised they didn't mix in many elements from the previous Oddworld games? I was really hoping to see Abe (or another member of his race) make a cameo.

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BTW, anyone else surprised they didn't mix in many elements from the previous Oddworld games?


Not really. This game isnt part of the originally planned Oddworld "Quintology". It's a kind of sidestory that Lorne and company wanted to do. I wouldn't be suprised to see the next game incorporate more elements from previous Oddworld games as you mentioned Camp.


I have to admit that I haven't given this one much attention as of yet. I played through the first 4-5 hours and haven't come back to it since I've been sidetracked by Mercenaries and a few other titles (including a new DS). I do want to get back to ASAP though. Really enjoyed what I played of it.

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The only things I noticed from the previous Oddworld games were a couple of soundbites used in the music tracks.


I can't describe the sounds other than to say that when I heard them, I immediatly thought "Oddworld". One of the sounds is kind of a low bass note, remniscent of that bizarre Australian instrument where you have that big long tube that you make farting noises in. :P

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I spent a lot of money at Gamestop this weekend, so the guys threw in a bunch of their demo discs and miscellaneous crap for free.


I have the pre-order bonus disc from Oddworld, Strangers Wrath, which I have no use for.


If you want this disk, first person to reply here gets it mailed to them. I'll even spring for the shipping via snail mail.




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