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*NEW* NHL 2k5 League


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NY Islanders-2-2


Tampa Bay-1-3


Week 1.

Minnesota,1 @ (W) Boston, 2

Colorado, 2 @ Toronto, 4 (W)

(W) NY Islanders,4 @ Detroit,1

(W) Tampa Bay,3 @ Philadelphia,2


Week 2.

(W) Colorado @ Boston

(W) Detroit,3 @ Toronto,2

(W) Philadelphia @ NY Islanders

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota


Week 3.

(W)Colorado @ Tampa Bay

(W)Detroit @ Boston

(W)Toronto @ NY Islanders

Philadelphia @ (W)Minnesota


Week 4.


(W) Toronto @ Tampa Bay

(W) Boston @ Philadelphia

Minnesota @ (W) Detroit

(W) Islanders @ Colorado



The Schedule for Week 5.

The match-ups are as follows.


Toronto @ Philadelphia

Boston @ Tampa Bay

Detroit @ Colorado

Islanders @ Minnesota



League Name: LCVGNHLLockout

Manager / Team / Gamertag


Joel / Redwings / JTello

Keith / Colorado / kfredericks

Romier / Flyers / Futurevoid

Travis / Wild / Orpheus

Calvin / Bruins / Nightwing

Howie / Lightning / howiedo1n

Aron / Islanders / Single A

Jeremy / Maple Leafs / Proven Failsafe

Note: everyone's LCVG contact name is the same as their Gamertag except Jeremy, note his LCVG name is simply, Failsafe.


League Settings

-8 Managers

-10 game season

-You will always have 7 days in which to play your game, Midnight Monday till the following Monday

(note: if everyone finishes playing thier games before the 7 days is up I will immediately advance the week and the additional days left will be added to the next week. So you can get an early start on the next weeks games if you choose. ----- If you have your thinking cap on right now you'll figure out that there is potential for the league to move at a faster pace if two or more scheduled weeks are completed earlier than the alloted 7 days. )

-All-star Level of Play

-Top 4 teams make the playoffs

-The Playoff teams will play a best-of-3 series in 7 days.

-League trading is set to on.

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Joel im sorry I havent got the league going again. Ive had a lot of things going on at work, family , and so forth so i havent been on live much at all except for the occasional GR2 match for a hour or so on the weekend. Plus the last few weeks my wireless adapter on my xbox hasnt been able to connect and I havent had the time to run a cable from our 2nd floor to the basement.



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Joey, it's ok, I just figured if I start this from scratch I can ensure things move along at a satifying pace. I've now been part of a number of leagues which fizzled out, and I figured if I'm in control of the next league I'll no longer have a reason to whine or bitch. ;) Seriously, I hope to get together a strong group of dedicated managers. We'll see!


Oh, and there is a bit of irony to report, as I got stuck in a snowstorm this evening, and I ended up here at my Aunts house. So unfortunately I am no where near my Xbox, and thus I will have to wait until tomorrow evening to create the league. Ugh!


So, anyway, who out there is game for the league?

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Sounds great guys!

I've updated the first post, so please check to make sure I have your info correct. (Meaning I have no confidence I have names correct, as I'm terrible remembering names.)


EDIT : This is great, 6 teams already! We can kick things off this coming Monday, so there is still time for anyone else interested in joining to sign up.

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Joey you're in.


I have created the League, and there are now 7 full roster spots and one remaining open manager spot. We need to fill this last opening. If it isn't filled by Monday I won't put things off, meaning I'll scale the league back to six (Sorry Joey, you'll be odd man out, but I promise I will work hard for an 8th manager. It'll be worth the effort to try and get to eight.)


I will post the league password on Monday, after we have settled on 6 or 8 managers. (The reason for holding back on releasing the password is that I'll have to re-create the league in order to scale back if we go with 6 managers, so I don't want you guys to go through signing up process twice.)

I have updated the first post in this thead with the league set up. The new info is the green text.


Oh, and by the way, when I created the league it made me choose a team, so I went with my original team from before, Detroit. I would say sorry, but it would only be half-heartfelt. ;)

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As it stands, Keith, Romier, and Travis still need to pick thier team. You do have until Monday, so if you aren't sure what team to go with you can boot up the game and take a look at the team info. Because hey, no one wants to get stuck playing with the Columbus Bluejackets, right!


(Warning, slight off topic rant ahead),... Columbus Bluejackets,... was there ever a real need to expand the NHL and establish this pro-sports team? I definately think part of the NHL's money problems stem from over-expansion, and especially over-expanding too fast, and in such lower tier markets as Columbus and Nashville.)

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I'll take the Flyers if they are not spoken for. I actually haven't even bought the game yet. :lmfao I will have it tommorrow though which will give me some time to practice since I guarentee you I will suck terribly regardless. As long as I'm having fun though, it's all good.


EDIT: I went ahead and stickied this new league thread as well. I unstickied the previous one.

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First off, thanks to everyone for gettings things off to a fast start. I think this is the fastest a league has come together!


Ok, so we are all set, we've got all 8 managers. I've updates the first post of the thread.

The League name is : LCVGNHLLockout

The Password is : Keitheatspoo


Fire up the game, go to leagues, enter the above name and password, and select your team. As soon as everyone has signed up we can begin. So be ready to schedule your first match.


In addition to having the league schedule on the league website I'll post the weekly match ups in the discussion thread. I find the best way to contact your opponent is by posting in the thread and then copying that post to either an email or PM, as sometimes people may miss the tread on occasion.


Week #1 begins Monday night at 12:00 midnight, but as soon as everyone has signed in you will be able to get a jump start on the week.

(this is a good example of what I described earlier,.... Week #1 officially starts this coming Monday and runs to the following Monday, but, say everyone signed in by tonight and by tomorrow night (sunday) we had all miracuously managed to finished week 1's games already, I would advance the schedule to the next week. Now week 2 would be scheduled for this coming Monday to Monday.

In practice everyone has 7 days to get you game in, but if we are all active things may move along quicker. The will be no pressure to get your game in quicker than the scheduled 7 days, but if it happens, great. I basically want to keep the league moving at a predictable pace, and I want you guys to feel you can rely on the league to play out as planned.


Ok, no more rambling,... Go Sign in on your Xbox!


Keith, I suggest the best way to pick a team is to fire up the game and examing the remaining teams.


And thank you for stickying the league Romier!

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-Howie, did you double check that the Capital and Lowercase use of letters was correct? A few people have signed in and haven't reported a similar issue.

Does anyone who was able to sign in have any advice for howie?


-The following managers still need to sign into the league on thier Xbox.

Romier / Flyers

Travis / ? team ?

Joey / Islanders

(& Howie / Tampa Bay, as noted above.)


The season kicks off tonight, so please sign up when you get home so we can find out what the match ups are going to be.


I predict Keith's goalie is going to down with a season ending knee injury within the first minute of his first game! :P

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