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Mac OS 9.2 / Lotus Notes 5 font sizes - help!


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Hi everyone. I'm hoping a Mac user familiar with Notes might be able to help me out. My Mac at work is running Lotus Notes 5 in OS 9.2 as our default mail program (and no, I don't have a choice).


I can't figure out how to increase the font size in Notes to something I don't have to squint to see! I swear, it's got to be 8 or 9 point, and with my bad eyes, it's driving me INSANE. I see the option in preferences -> user preferences -> default fonts to change typefaces, but there is nothing to change FONT SIZE.


Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I'm about to lose it here. mad.gifbanghead.gif

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Hey Kelley,


Yeah, we run a bunch of proprietary stuff at work that we can ONLY do in OS 9. Stupid, I know. But that's how it is.


I thought changing the default system fonts might make a difference, but it didn't change anything in Notes. I'm stumped. I'm almost ready to throw in the towel and to just decrease my monitor's resolution. But now that I think about it, that would probably lead to problems in other applications.



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From http://unlisnotes.unl.edu/help/help6_client.nsf/f4b82fbb75e942a6852566ac0037f284/a593cd9d1aecfa2e85256c1c00380a89?OpenDocument#70834182429247659


To add large font settings to your NOTES.INI file

NOTES.INI is a configuration file, located in your Notes directory, that stores information about your personal Notes installation. If you need to use larger fonts at all times, close Notes, open your NOTES.INI file, and add the following setting as a new line anywhere in the file:




Here, n is the number of points added to the default size and is a number between 0 and 25. For example, if you want to increase the font size to 5, you would type:


Display_font_adjustment=5 Save your NOTES.INI file after you add the new font line, and then re-open Notes.


I realize that this is help for Notes 6, but I've used Notes for a long time and I swear I've done this very thing in Notes 5. Good luck.

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Hi Chris,


Thanks so much for the suggestion - even though I couldn't exactly use the method you described, you pointed me in the right direction. Unfortunately there is no notes.ini file on Mac versions of Notes; there is a Notes Preference file that you are unable to open in a text editor.


Luckily though, when I googled notes.ini and Mac, I got some matches for a couple of utilities to let me edit the preferences file. I found one that let me change the default size, and it worked! So thank you for the help!!



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