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Justifying your ownership of a gaming console


How many good games does a system need to make it a justifyable purchase?  

  1. 1. How many good games does a system need to make it a justifyable purchase?

    • 1-5 games
    • 6-10 games
    • 11-20 games
    • Over 20 games
    • I don't need to justify my purchase :)

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I was reading a thread over in the GameCube forum asking if he should buy it. He wanted to know if there was enough good games for it & enough good games coming out for it.


So I got to wondering...how many games does it take for you to feel happy with owning that system?


NOTE: I am only talking about current systems. I bought a Jaguar for 2 games - & that justifyed my purchase for me. Of course, I only paid $29 for that system :green:


In my case - I'd say 6-10 games that I buy & enjoy make it a good buy.

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This is a hard poll for me to vote on. I only own an Xbox (so far) and my expectations for this system were and still are pretty high. I'm counting my games that I play over and over (online or not) ..... I have eight that I think are good games. I still want more out of my Box before I can be completly saticfied with it.

Also knowing about some of the games coming out in the near future wants me to expect even more! Well, that and I'm greedy :green:


I'm gonna vote 11-20


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I've only got 7 for my GameCube (30+ for the X, and a mere 10+ for the PS2), but even if I had to get rid of all my Cube games except Metroid Prime, I'd still consider it justified :). It's a bit harder for the Xbox, since I got it at the original U.S. price, but I was quite happy with Halo and PGR for a while. So I'll go with 1-5.

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I voted in 1-5 because I only have 4 or 5 GameCube games, but am still very happy with that purchase and will continue to be even if I never get any more games for it (as unlikely as that may be). In fact, when I got my Xbox I was very happy with it and all I had for quite a while was Halo.

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I don't need to justify ... if I spend the money on it, and it entertains me for hours on end, then that is all the justification I need. I bought a Genesis only for MK. A friend gave me a few others when his system conked out, but MK is still the only game I ever bought for the system.


I lived in an apartment with some room-mates and space was scarce, I know most of you will wince at this, but my TV was only 13 inches, but I had a blast playing that game. I later added my PS to the mix, and again, there were very few games out that interested me.



As long as I pay my bills and have a little money in the bank for emergency situations... I don't have to justify anything as long as have fun.

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Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye 007 are enough for my N64. Super Mario Sunshine and Ikaruga (and now F-Zero) are enough for my GameCube. Soul Calibur is enough for my Dreamcast. DDR and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution are enough for my PS2.


I usually end up with 10-20 games per system, a small handful of which are true classics. In the end, if I'd only bought the classics, that would have been enough.

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6-10 I think. That amount was enough to justify a Gamecube and X-box for me, and at the time of purchase I based this on titles forthcoming. Exclusive titles help, which is of course the main draw of the Cube for me. In some ways I regret not demanding a few more must haves on the PS2 for me. I like my PS2, but it's my least played console.



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