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Castlevania DS

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Gamespot has four gameplay footage videos, as well as a video interview with Koji Igarashi up:




You can download the videos if you're a Gamespot member (membership is free), which is worth it, because the videos will be much better quality that the streams. There's also a ton of new screens up.


Love the music, and the footage looks about on par with SotN to me. I can't wait to play this!




EDIT: I just wanted to post this one screen, because it's so freaking cool...



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Game Informer has an interview with Koji Igarashi:




The interview is split between the DS and the PS2 games coming out.


GI: From a graphical standpoint, what were some of the things about this game that you couldn?t do on the Game Boy Advance?


Iga: Lots of enemies. (laughs) Like you saw in the demo. There are lots of skeletons in a row, and you can crush them all. Symphony of the Night would have been able to have pulled that off, but with the GBA it?s a lot more difficult. Something a bit more subtle, like the scrolling in the background is a lot smoother. Another thing is being able to put 3D elements or 3D-like elements into the background, and the foreground as well.


Sounds good. Also, there's a question at the end which breaks my heart:


GI: One final question. Some would say that Symphony of the Night was the greatest Castlevania game in the series. Are you done making 2D Castlevania games on home consoles, or would you ever consider making a really elaborate 2D Castlevania game on a home console?


Iga: Personally I would really love to. Though, the realities of the marketplace prevent me from it. If I got the opportunity I?d like to take advantage of it.


I would absolutely kill for a high res 2D console version of Castlevania. Sounds like it's Konami's decision to go 3D, and our chances of a 2D game happening keep looking slimmer and slimmer. I can still hope, though...

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Thread resurrection! Ok, I?m surprised no one has posted about this game yet! I love it. Old school Castlevania looking great. The spells, which you draw on the bottom screen are minimal usage, as is the ice breaking, but it?s still cool. I have to say, it?s pretty tough so far? I haven?t played a Castlevania in a long time. I hope I find a double-jump soon or something besides the ?glide? I have, as I see some areas I simply can?t jump too yet. I have a ton of money as well, and haven?t bought anything, and I haven?t even imbued a weapon yet! All in all, it?s a ton of fun, I think I?m on the 3rd boss so far! Anyone else playing this yet?



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Yeah, I keep meaning to bring this up, but haven't, it's awesome.


Reminds me a lot of SotN in a great way. The imbuing weapons thing is fun, I recommend doing the imbue for the pike in the first couple areas, it makes for a wicked little spear.


Lots of nice graphical touches too, love jumping on the cars in the first area and watching the snow drop off the roof.


Let the game wait at the menu screen too and you get treated to a nifty little anime video that was a pretty sweet touch. Oh, and I love having to sign your name for your game file, very cute :tu

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I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch. I will not buy a DS so close to the 360 launch.


*keeps saying to himself quietly knowing he will break*

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I'm so glad that I stopped in a Best Buy before coming out to Vegas for my conference. I may be the first person ever to come to Vegas and end up spending more time playing (non sexual) handheld games. :)




We were on a trip to New York in the summer of 2001 for a free concert in Central Park to see Jewel, some crappy pop stars, and aspiring musical wannabes in this Pantene talented women contest thingie. Long trip for a free concert (12 hours or so) but she does love Jewel.


While on the trip Dragon Warrior III For GBC had come out. We were heading out in the morning to wander around the city before the concert. I insisted on a special stopover to pick it up since I couldn't find it along the way.


We got off at the Word Trade Center shopping center and stopped at EBgames to pick it up and grabbed a bite to eat. Slightly different timing by the whackos and perhaps my Dragon Warrior fandom would have gotten us injured/killed. :eek


So I've done the "pick up videogame on trip" thing myself :D


About Castlevania, my wife wants Trauma Center, so we make take advantage of the Meijer B1G1 50% off sale this weekend.

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I played until the second save point last night. Good, old school side-scrolling Castlevania action with crisp graphics and some cool effects. I particularly liked the one room with the mirror. Sound is great, as is to be expected.


I was curious as to how the touch screen magic seal works against boss's and it's pretty interesting. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to grab the stylus and seal the boss, but it gives you plenty of time. The trick is not to lift the stylus and complete the seal in one stroke, in the correct order. If you mess up, the boss gains back some health points and you have to defeat him agin then try the seal again. If you find the magic seals within the level, you'll be able to practice them before fighting the boss.


Hope I actually finish this game. Never finished Circle of the Moon, nor did I purchase the 2 after. I may have to though to expeirence the back story. :)

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Yeah, I use the strap pad to do the seal motions. It's definitely forgiving enough to get things worked out. LOVE the game so far. I'm about 3 and a half hours in at the moment but am taking my time with the game. I've tried to get the soul of every creature I've come across but man some of those damn things are rare (the eye creature near the beginning took a long time to let go of his soul!). The graphics are great though, and the music is some of the best I've heard in the last few games in the series (Lament of Innocence still ranks higher in the sound department).


I should have never bought a DS though. Now I want to get a bunch of games I've been meaning to pick up for the system in the last few weeks (Pheonix Wright, Meteos, Nintendogs, etc. etc.).

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Romier, is getting the soul just random? I think I missed how to do that. I obtained the "screaming head" soul, the Mandagro's I think they are, and I throw them now instead of the axe. Well, I was able to get the soul of the Ape Skeleton, who allows you to throw twice the distance, but I died before saving. I must have killed that Ape Skeleton again about 40 times waiting for his soul to be mine, never happened. By the way, use the Mandagro and the Ape Skeleton soul when you get it, you'll plow through everything so far, it's so powerful, it's almost unbalanced. Now, how to get that damn soul again.



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Romier, is getting the soul just random?

It's underlying mathematics really. If you hit the select button on the DS, the map screen will switch over your stat screen. The main reason to do this though is that as you attack enemies it displays how many souls you have of that enemy and gives each enemy a rarity rating at the bottom of the screen (along with a nice list of each enemies weaknesses). So an enemy with a three star rating is going to be very hard to get a soul from. I've used this screen quite a bit to judge how long I should reenter a room to kill an enemy and capture thier soul. If the rating is too high, I may skip it and save it for later.

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