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How many games do you own today?


How many videogame cartridges/cds/dvds do you own currently?  

  1. 1. How many videogame cartridges/cds/dvds do you own currently?

    • 1-10
    • 11-25
    • 26-50
    • 51-100
    • over 100
    • over 250
    • over 500
    • over 750
    • over 1000 games - Aren't I the coolest?

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317 according to the "What" link in my sig ;) Though there's a handful of titles that IGN insist don't exist, plus I haven't updated the XBox list in a while, so there's at least one game to add.


Not included in that list is a bunch of C64 games sitting back home in the UK - at least a hundred tapes & a bunch of disks (originals!).

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I voted for 11-25. I have 16 games on display and two on my computer. The PS1 games are gathering dust in the closet, the Dreamcast games are at Grandma's house for visits, and the Saturn and N64 games are dying an undeserved death out in the garage. So I'm not counting anything not within the home theater area. Still, even with all the others I'd probably only move up one more rung. Game on,



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I easily have over 500 games, I just didn't want to say over 750 or 1k as that is just too geeky.


I probably have >150 for the Apple ][e boxed up, countless numbers for the PC, but only a few for the consoles. Xbox the most with around 20, PS2 10 (traded a bunch), and GC, 3. DC, 10, N64 3, other misc. games.


Luckily I have slowed way down on purchasing new games. Gets expensive after a while.

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I'm just updating my dad's list. He forgot the PS games:


GC = 21

PS= 16

PS2 = 9

XB = 15

DC = 7

PS1 = 22

N64 = 1 (Doom64 - my all-time favorite game)

Snes = 13

GBC/GBA = 26


Total: 130 Games

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Geez I'm going to look like a super geek here.


I have 114 games for "next gen" consoles (PS2, XBox, Gamecube)


14 for Dreamcast

32 for Playstation

44 Atari 2600

22 Intellivision

39 Nintendo

2 Turbo Grafx-16

34 Sega Genesis

19 Super Nintendo

10 Sega Saturn

3 Sega CD

3 Sega Game Gear

20 Gameboy/Gameboy Color

11 Gameboy Advance

5 Neo Geo Pocket Color


Hmmmmmm I think that's it.

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