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DVD Round up 1/30-2/5


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A pretty good week with the Grudge and Ray. Also if you were intrested in the Karate Kid collection they are only in 2.0 sound. No 5.1 on these SE's which is sad


The Grudge Hot Price

Ju-on $15.99

Both above $25 on same receipt


A Night for Ray Charles CBS Special $15.99

Ray Hot Price

Both Above $25 on same receipt

Shall We Dance $17.99

Mr. 3000 $17.99

Buy Both Above save $6

Mulan 2 $19.99

Vanity Fair $19.99

Look Whose talking Collection $24.99

Karate Kid SE Collection $24.99

Sealab Season 2 $22.99

The Brak Show Vol 1 $22.99

Charmed Season 1 $29.99

Wonderfalls S1 $29.99

Oz season 4 $49.99

Circuit City

The Grudge Low Price

Ray Low Price

Ray Limited Edition $32.99

Oz Season 4 $44.99

Charmed Season 1 $32.99

Sealab S2 $22.99

Shall We Dance $17.99

Mulan 2 $17.99

Mr. 3000 $19.99

School Daze $12.99

Vanity Fair $19.99

Karate Kid SE Collection $24.99

Bodyguard SE $12.99

Look Whose Talking Collection $24.99

Troy $17.99

The Village $14.99


2 for $15

Die Hard 2

Die Hard 3

Raising Arizona

Last of the Mohicans


Bend it like Beckham

Phone Booth

The French Connection

The order

Millers Crossing

$7.49 DVD's Sport Movie DVD


White Men Cant Jump

Varsity Blues

League of there own SE

Heavan can Wait

The Longest Yard

Jerry McGuire

Necessary roughness

Any Given Sunday

Bull Durham


The Natural


The Replacements


Past Releases

Alien vs Predator $19.99

Forgotten $19.99

Sky Captain $19.99

Friday NIght Lights $19.99

Anchorman $17.99

King Arthur $17.99


2 for $20 DVD's Large Selection

The Grudge Low Price

Ray Low Price

Chariots of Fire SE $15.99

Carolina $19.99

Mr. 3000 $19.99

Charmed S1 $32.99

Karate Kid SE Collection $24.99

Vanity Fair $19.99


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