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Valentine's Day


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Due to last years dinner nightmare I've decided NOT TO GO anywhere special for dinner. That is usually the night you get the worst service and food because they are all slammed.


The year before we did Pizza at a local establishment(Marios) and the everything worked out well.


A spa package is always a good gift. I may go that route myself.

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Sara and I are working out plans to book a getaway for Valentines Day to the Pocono Moutains here in PA. We usually go there for our anniversary ever year for a week of relaxation. The resort we go to is very romantic. The rooms includes steam showers, sauna's, message area and a pool. There is a driving service that shuttles you around the entire resort and they are only a phone call away. They usually feature some great events including couples nights, popular standup comedians and music acts. You also get meals paid for and they have room service available well into the evening if you happen to work up an appetite. ;) It's something we look forward to every year and if time (and her school schedule permits) we'd like to go in February. If however we are not able to, our anniversary is in March and we already have reservations set. You can get an idea of the rooms/services by taking a look here:


Pocono Resorts


We've stayed in almost every room they have to offer (this year will be our fourth visit) and the Champagne Towers are just to die for. I don't know if taking a full on vacation for Valentines Day is something you had in mind Brian (probably not) but even if you do something smaller, you can always plan something for a future Valentines Day/Anniversary etc. These resorts along with the skiing on Pocono Mountain attracts alot of tourists this time of year.

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I hate Valentine's Day! Absolutely hate it! The wife sees it as more important than her birthday and no matter what I do it just isn't quite enough. And then 3 days later is our daughter's birthday, which means in the future I'll have to start shopping probably right after the holidays. When's Father's Day again?

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