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Crazy video for people familiar with Street Fighter III


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I agree; this is one of the coolest videos ever. To pull that off under that kind of pressure is just beyond my powers of comprehension.


I'm a big geek about this type of movie - if anyone is interested in seeing more like this, I recommend www.combovideos.com. It requires you to register to download any of the videos, but they have a very good archive of stuff. Check out the "TOSF Parry Exhibition" if you liked the Daigo video above.

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I think you're all making a big deal over nothing.


I call button mashing. ;)

Heh, you could call button mashing if there were any buttons involved. Parrying is actually done by moving the joystick toward your opponent at the split second an attack is going to hit you. It does involve a huge amount of skill and practice to pull off successfully and there's almost zero chance that someone who's just flailing is going to nail it like that.
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For the record, I think I've sucessfully parried about twice.


Yeah, I played lots of Tekken Tag, and I have some decent reflexes for counters, but SF parries are more precise in their timing. I can generally parry fireballs, or a kick or something, but 14 quick parries like that is crazy. I can't imagine successfully parrying two of those kicks in a row. I'd get just the first one and get smacked down by the rest.


I figured it wasn't REALLLllllly console discussion, more of a funny video situation, which is why I posted in the other forum. Not sure on the organization quite yet, I guess.

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