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BloodRayne Movie trailer

Romier S

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Uwe Boll scares me. Luckily so far he's only made movies based on franchises I have no particular attachment to, but to paraphrase my favorite movie villain of all time,

Sooner or later... he might get to someone I do care about.



Just watched the trailer. Ugh. Michael Madsen and Ben Kingsley are slumming! AGAIN! Reminds me of Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons.


Oh, and by the way, things I never want to hear again, in any movie trailer, ever:


"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

"I want to play a game."

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."


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You can an interview with this hack on IGN. The guy is really just "out there" as he seems completely unaware of the fact that he makes utter shit. Take a read of it here:


Uwe Boll Interview


If you take a read of the last few questions it looks like Boll is on the verge of acquiring the rights to Hitman and the old PSX game Fear Effect. Not only that but he is scheduled to start shooting Dungeon Siege soon along with having FarCry and Hunter The Reckoning on tap. It boggles the mind.


Oh and somebody should have told Kristinna Loken that she may have wanted to get her agent on that up and coming Metroid movie from John Woo. Lord knows this can't be a great career move. I also think that Uwe Boll has some naked pictures of Ben Kingsley that he is using to blackmail the man. It's the only explanation for his presence.


/prays....Thank you lord for keeping Silent Hill FAR FAR FAR away from this man.


By the way, make sure to stop by Uwe Boll's website as soon as possible. Trust me, it's a hoot. :)

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You know what strikes me the most about that trailer and the images on their website? Kristanna Lokken just doesn't look like Bloodrayne. Don't get me wrong, she's still plenty hot. The thing is that she looks like some chick who got her hands on a Bloodrayne costume and decided to wear it to Comic Con. Even the Costume looks like it was made at home by someone with too much time on his or her hands.

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  • 11 months later...

Bloodrayne stuff..I guess these are from like September, but they were so funny I thought I should update the thread.


an early review




Some good quotes from the Q&A session thanks to NatrlBornThrllr over on DVDtalk forums...I guess these come from AICN:


Boll: "I didn't like this script at all. In fact, when we were filming...I just took chunks of it out. Instead of the bad dialogue, you just get straight down to somebody getting smashed in the head or something."


Boll: "It was an honor working with Siu-Tung Ching on "In the Name of the King." He's done such great work in movies like House of Flying Daggers and Hero, that it's just something else to watch him work. I mean, like, Michael Madsen is just drunk all of the time. [long pause] Don't get me wrong, I like him, but when he stumbles onto the set everyday drunk...it's just an honor to work with somebody like Siu-Tung Ching."


Sanderson: "Uwe is just somebody that it's so much fun to...that you just love to hate."


Q&A Moderator: "You're...with all of the people talking about you on the internet, I mean...it seems like a lot of people don't really like, or appreciate... Um, it just seems like your work is very...it's very love or hate."


Boll: "I don't really like the movies I make. I mean, they're...well I don't have a production company. So, we get our financing from elsewhere. So, when the movie does well, we get 40% of what it makes. And like, Alone in the Dark was a bomb in the theaters. But worldwide, it makes money, and it sold a lot on DVD too. So when it turns a profit, it's just...well you have to keep doing what pays well, especially when you're not independently financed."



Uwe, in response to the moderator's question regarding people making fun of him: "Stop. Please, stop." It was the most pitiful plea for mercy I've ever seen.


Uwe, dead serious, in response to Will Sanderson's claim that he's fun to make fun of: "Yes, it's fun to make fun of the German, because I Nazi and make movie with that Nazi money." The audience couldn't contain their laughter after that one.


"A lot of times, people who make movies, one of the first things they do is get a cast. I don't think that's wise. Me, I don't care who my cast is...I wait until the very last minute. It's worked for me, because by doing that, I get big name stars who have holes in their schedules. Every movie, I wait later and later, and the cast keeps getting more and more recognizable. On this one, we cast it two weeks before we started filming."


Sanderson: "In that scene with Meat Loaf...those are whores. [audience laughs] No...I mean actual Romanian mafia-owned whores."


Uwe, about the Romanian whores: "They were better than actors. We looked for local Romanian actresses, but there they are all from the theater and act very broadly. For 150 euros apiece the whores would be naked and do as they were told. It was better."

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Anyone admitting they will see this terd? This one looks like the Catwoman of 2006.


Good lord! I can't believe you could so callously insult Catwoman like that.


I've been seeing a lot of commercials for this on G4, the non-video game network. Every time I do, I just shake my head and wonder, "What in Christ's name were these actors thinking signing on with this piece of garbage?" I especially love Kingsley when he goes, "Prepare to witness the beginning of a new era!" You can tell he's a great actor from that clip because he keeps a straight face while saying it.

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You know, in all fairness I was just checking out the official website for the movie. I read the synopsis of the story and have to say it made me change my mind. I think I will go see it now. Read this and tell me that you wouldn't want to see a film like the one described here:


BloodRayne is a genre all to itself. It is packed with action, but it?s not an action film per se. It is a mighty adventure, but it?s not a pure adventure film. There are mythical and immortal creatures of great power and evil, but it?s not a typical vampire movie. BloodRayne crosses all genres. There is romance, adventure, action, drama, and a raging battle of good against evil.


With and all-star cast, including Academy Award Winner, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen (Species), Michelle Rodriguez, Meatloaf and Kristanna Loken (T-3, the Terminatrix), BloodRayne takes you to another place and time to experience a world where good and evil battle it out ? with mankind as the very prize. It?s 1723 and evil rules Eastern Europe. An Evil Lord Kagan has so much power that no one stands boldly against him. No one would dare try. And as great as his power is, this Kagan has an opportunity to become utterly invincible. Three secret treasures, once united in his presence will give Kagan immortal powers of untold horror. But there is some hope.


Throughout history there have always been those brave few who take up a cause for the good of mankind. The Brimstone Society is a small but mighty group made up of just these kinds of men and women. They have banded together to care for each other and to make themselves the avengers of the weak. To smite evil where they can and to perhaps someday restore law and order to the rest of society. As these two forces converge, there are whispers across the land about a legend.


A young and beautiful woman might harbor the secrets to defeat the mighty Kagan. Will Brimstone find her before Kagan does? If they find her, will she help them or go her own way? Even if she does help will it be enough to defeat the evil armies of Kagan? And what is her dark secret that would make even Kagan fear her? Join us for this might adventure and immerse yourself! BloodRayne, all myth begins in reality.

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It couldn't have happened to a better guy...


Bloodrayne tanks at the box office


Variety is reporting today that the vampire-themed action-horror film, which independent distributor Romar had said would be shown on more than 1,900 screens across the country, only wound up on 985. The venerable entertainment magazine's Web site labeled the debut "a debacle" for Romar, reporting that hundreds of BloodRayne prints were sent to exhibitors who hadn't asked for them, and refused to show them.


News of BloodRayne's woes must come as a shock to actor Billy Zane (Back to the Future, The Phantom), one of the movie's stars, as he insisted shortly before the film's release that Boll "has totally made his mark and put his naysayers and critics to rest with this film."


Zane might feel obligated to say that, however. After all, he is a partner in the upstart distributor Romar, which chose BloodRayne as its first film.


I live for the day when this guy is never allowed behind a camera again. To think he still has that awful "In the Name of the King" movie on the way is frightening.

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There wasn't a single cinema within the San Francisco city limits showing it this weekend, and only a couple in the whole Bay Area. It's absolutely atricous by the way, laughably poor from start to finish. Terrible acting, terrible effects, terrible writing, terrible plot. I honestly can't imagine the money that the likes of Kingsley received balances having this on their resume.


Kristina Locken got away with being unable to act her way out a wet paper bag in Terminator 3 because the character was a robot. Not the case in this where she has no charisma, talent or ability as an actress. Nice tits though.


This is the sort of film that makes Ed Wood look like an Oscar winner. It's downright awful from start to finish.

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