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I am in need of some good products to clean our various electronic toys with. Especially :


1) Our LCD screen for the portable DVD player. It gets fingerprints a lot from people not knowing enough to not touch the screen. :mad:


2) Our TV screen gathers dust like nothing I have seen. I can clean it in the morning, and by nightfall, it's dusty again.



If your computer screen needs cleaning ... go here and see if you like this method. :tu

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You will never ever, ever ever ever ever stop the TV from collecting dust. Just way too much static electricity contained in that thing. We've taken to keeping swifter dusters in our TV stand, they do work well, along with the occassional glass cleaning with windex of the screen. Now I have a flat tube so the windex is fine, I'm not sure how it will effect LCD screens and such, as I don't have one. But the Swifters are great for dust.

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For dust on TV/CRT screens, I use a little Oxo duster. It's blue.


It has a magnet in it that is supposed to charge the synthetic duster strands to pull dust off surfaces. I don't know if the magnet works, but the duster certainly does. And the duster strands are soft, which prevents grinding dust into the screen.

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Couple things that have helped me:


- Get a HEPA air purifier. Run it all the time.

- Don't allow smoking inside. Smoking creates a ton of dust.

- Vacuum often.

- Put screens on your windows if you don't have them.


I've heard you shouldn't use Windex on TV screens as it can etch the glare coating. Not sure about that, but I've avoided it and use a damp lint-free cloth (i.e. NOT a paper towel).

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lol. Love the computer screen cleaner. How does he get it clean from the inside though?


I use Windex on everything. TV/CPU/computer desk/kitchen/bathroom/ it's all purpose for the single man. I haven't seen any problems using on the TV/CPU.


Heh ... I am not sure, but I think you are the only one who got it.

:tu If I could just get my 3 to take care of things like that, I'd have it made.


I usually use Windex on things too, but I was told it is a big No-No for LCD screens as it kills pixils ? I did not know this little fact.

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If I could just get my 3 to take care of things like that, I'd have it made.


I hear ya. I have 2 of 'em. One came from the pet refuge as a baby(he's 3 now), one was a stray that I got as a baby(she's almost a year old now).

Word of advice to everyone......don't feed stray baby kitties, they will be inside in NO time. :thud

My cats names are Big Kitty & Baby Kitty. It was just Kitty until baby came along. :lmfao


Sorry for jacking the thread (and sorry for the 2 smilies kfredericks).


Back on topic...


Windex Rocks!

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I use Endust on everything. Not the wipes but the bottle with the pump spray. Been using it for many years now without one problem.




Me too. The Endust for Electronics variety. Used to use the pump and non-scratch cloth; now use the wipes in the bottle. As far as i know it's safe for computer monitors and such (CRT at least).

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