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Daisy Duke


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The second two pics don't work, and I was'nt able to locate them manually. So hurry and get them fix!!! :)


Normally spoiled brats annoy the hell out of me, but having watched way too many episodes of Nick & Jessica with my finance, I have to admit I find her kind-hearted, amusing and of course Hot, Hot, Hot! And altough I think much of her dimwittedness is authentic, I do think she is quite a shrewd business person. I think she knows exactly how's she's percieved and is fully aware of how to use every perception to her advantage. Plus she's Hot!

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I have to agree with those that think she's a bit too skinny for them shorts. Daisy should have a nice, round, short filling ass. Not some big hoochie mama fat ass but, she needs a bit more "junk in da trunk".


A skinny little ass isn't what Daisy Duke was about...


Of course, I need a better pic of her ass to really tell. :P

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