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<sigh.> More eBay stupidity.

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The morons have struck again. Not long ago, I sold a used copy of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on eBay when I replaced my own copy -


The buyer had only one feedback. He paid immediately by PayPal and I sent the game on Monday. Today, I get this e-mail:


"Hello eric, I have recieved your package... but there was no game inside the envelope. i dont know if maybe you had just acidentaly forgot to put the game inside or what not... but i would like to get in touch with you and find out what is going on with the game. you can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx my house number. thank you very much eric.

chad biggans"


I KNOW I put the cartridge in there, because I was thinking about whether the cartridge would bend the manual when I shut it. I told him I would look for it, but I have a feeling this is not going to end well. Goddammit. I'm never selling to anyone with less than 10 feedback again.


If he really insists he doesn't have it, how does eBay resolve issues like this where it is just one person's word against another?

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If he really insists he doesn't have it, how does eBay resolve issues like this where it is just one person's word against another?

Most likely, you'll just get a negative feedback from the buyer. From my experience, it's pretty much next-to-impossible to get eBay to do anything about anything.

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This is looking more and more like a scam to me - buyer has ONE feedback; member since 1/13/05, and his name doesn't even match the e-mail address he's using.


I think it's going to have to come down to me telling him he's boned because he declined insurance, and just accepting and responding to the inevitable feedback. <sigh.> I received a couple of other e-mails from this guy - here are my responses:



> >Eric Eickhorst wrote:

> >I really hope I didn't forget to put it in there, but I will check tonight

> >and see whether I have it somewhere. You opened the DS case and there was a

> >manual but no game cartridge? Is that correct?

> >

> >Eric



> >hello eric,

> >no there was nothing in the package at all. i recieved the yellow package

> >today and when i looked on the package it read "package recieved with no

> >contents" directly from the post office. and when i opend it back up there

> >indeed was nothing in the package. so there was no manual nor a game,

> >chad



>Hi Chad,


>Was the envelope damaged when you received it? I am 100% positive that I

>put the game in the envelope before mailing it, so the only way I can

>imagine you got an empty envelope is if it was so damaged that the contents

>fell out in transit.


>I also have proof that the envelope was not empty when I mailed it, because

>I still have my receipt from the post office showing a package weight of 3.5

>ounces. I can send you a picture of the receipt if you like.


>I'll try calling my post office this afternoon to see what they have to say

>about the situation. Because there was no insurance on the package I don't

>know if there is going to be much that we can do.






>no there was no game or anything in the package. there was absolutly nothing inside. when i recieved it, it said package recieved without contents. so therefor when i recieved it there was nothing. if you would like i would send you back the package so you can see for your self or i can take a picture and send it to you.






But please answer this: was the envelope damaged and open when you received it?


The "package received without contents" stamp might have been used at your local branch of the post office, because as I understand it, my branch would have refused to accept an empty envelope because of liability on their part.


Here is the photo of the receipt from when I sent the package - note the package weight is 0 lbs, 3.50 oz. My cell phone, with battery, only weighs 4 ounces. I'm sorry, but there is no way that I sent you an empty envelope, and if it arrived empty, the only explanation I can offer is that it was damaged or lost in the mail.



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Yeah, that pretty much screams WTF. For one thing, I can think of no circumstances wherein the USPS would examine a package and stamp it with "no contents", and in the rare case where this would possibly occur, why wouldn't he just refuse the package (see here)? The only packages they've started doing frequent inspection on recently are media mail class shipments, and in those cases they are simply stamped with something like a generic "opened for inspection". Is he in the US?

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Another vote for "He's trying to scam you". I think you're going in the right direction with your correspondence to him. Just make sure you keep a record of all of it in case he tries to go through the police with the whole business. Though, if he really is scamming you, I doubt you'll have to worry about a fraud investigation.

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Heh, well, for those of you who like some closure to stories like this, I got what looks like the last correspondence I'll get from this guy. It's actually pretty funny.


This is my last e-mail to him:

Hi Chad,


I went to the post office again today to ask them what we should do. Two postal workers told me that you should have received a letter along with the package telling you about what to do in the case of lost mail. They said the envelope I sent may have arrived inside a plastic bag, but from the way you described it, it doesn't sound like it did.


I also got a form titled "Mail Loss / Rifling Report" (Form 1510) from them, but they told me that I should not fill one out in case you had already submitted one. I'm guessing it would cause a conflict in their computer systems. Did you get one and fill it out yet?


Also, would you mind sending me the picture of the envelope that you mentioned before? I'm just curious to see the extent of the damage and how it looked when it arrived.


Thanks for your patience on this.



His response?


thats fine eric im done fucking around with this damn game.. you didnt provide the game so there for im reporting it to ebay and giving you a extremly bad report sorry it didnt work out.. better luck next time!


Um... yeah. He hasn't left negative feedback yet, but if he does, I'll just write that buyer declined insurance and leave it up to anyone else to make up their own mind about me.
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Unfortunately it's not the first time I've heard of this sort of thing, the scumbags look for people with a moderate amount of all positive feedback because they figure if you have too much feedback you won't care about the odd negative here and there. Bid on it, pay for it, and claim you never recieved it :mad: I wonder how many times he's got his stuff for free from sellers afraid of a negative. :mad:

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I just got this email on the email account I use for Ebay:


Dear carlucci...You expressed interest on this item. I'm the seller of this item on which you've recently bid on through the eBay system... ***Item title: Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Orioles Tickets 5/13/07 ... -- Item number: 330114388379*** ...And I've contacted you because I need to know if you are still interested to buy ... Email me as soon as possible with your answer because I must to know if is necesarly to find another buyer or if you can buy the item(i need to know your final price)...If you accept this offer the eBay policy automatically proclaims you winner. The transaction will go strictly according to eBay's RULES and POLICY and will be supervised by eBay Trust & Safety Department. If you are interested just reply to this message...I am waiting a fast response!...Thank you!


I didn't bid on the item in question, but the ebay user "Carlucci" (NOT ME) did. He didn't win the item.


So is this a scam where they just guess at your ebay email account based on your user name, or does this guy Carlucci accidently have *MY* email account linked to his Ebay account?




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