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The Haunted SUV


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Okay, here's one for you guys to chew over.


Last night, while we were driving for a dinner out, my wife showed me something that was on the back glass of her new Accura. She said it has been there for a couple of days and was bugging her. It looked like some kid had wiped a hand across the dirty glass and wrote NO in a very kiddy-like way. At the time, I said that maybe it wasn't on the outside, but written inside! I am writing a horror script right now and am in that frame of mind. The wife didn't appreciate that at all! So when we get home, I take some Windex and give the glass a good wiping, looking through the inside back to make sure it was gone. Check. I went to bed. This morning, the wife calls and said that the wipes and NO was back! And this was after taking the vehicle through a car wash! She was freaking, my little comment still in her head. Myself, I think whoever did it had a little oil on the hand. But if it is on the inside, well.... :wtf

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