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How to capture audio from dvd?

Tonner Cyn

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I'm hoping someone can give me some help with this. I usually play a movie quote game at our annual Oscar party. I finally have a dvd player on my computer, so this year I was hoping to actually use the quotes themselves and burn them to a cd. The only thing is I don't know how... :(


I asked at HTF but it got locked because of possible piracy reasons. I'll state again that I am not asking for the purpose of doing any pirating. Of course, if this is more of an issue than I take it for, I understand the necessity of closing the thread.


If it is something we can talk about, could someone please walk me through how to do it? I did get a PM telling me to make sure something was selected in my mixer properties and then to get an audio capture program off download.com. I couldn't figure out the mixer properties thing, and I tried about 3 different programs but could never get them to use the dvd audio as a source.


Anything you guys can do to help me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Grab DVD Decrypter. Now the rest of this is from memory, but if you're willing to tinker around you should be able to get it working. Go into IFO mode, enable stream processing mode, and select only the audio track you want and set it to demux. After ripping, this will give you an AC3 audio file. You can then grab AZID to convert this AC3 file to a WAV. You may need to increase gain (volume) during this step. You could also use HeadAC3he or BeSweet for this last step, which are just frontends for AZID I believe. Once you've got it in WAV form, you should be able to cut it down with your favorite sound editor, then burn your clips to a CD.


Also great for DVD's with isolated soundtracks (mmm Leon:The Professional Integrale), or commentaries you'd like to listen to by themselves.

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