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Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes Xbox bound.

Romier S

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Kingdom Under Fire fans have reason to rejoice today as Phantagram announced the sequel to Crusaders today. The title of the new game is Heroes and it will be coming to Xbox a little later this year. Phantagram is also working on a new Kingdom Under Fire series for next gen consoles. You can read the full announcement here:




Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes features seven new characters with their own combat styles and moves. The game adds Xbox Live features, such as troop, hero, and co-op battles, plus new single-play modes like campaign, random, and custom missions.
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Finally got some news on Heroes. Microsoft has grabbed the publishing rights again and plans to release the prequel to Crusaders this summer. You can play as seven unique heroes through 50 campaign missions. Xbox Live support is also being included. Let's hope it's expanded past the first games 1 on 1.



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Sure sales were bad, but the original game had no marketing. I think the series has all the stuff necessary to be a big hit if it can get some better promotion. I never played it on Live, but it was one of my favorite games of last year based solely on the single player campaign. The combat was more intense than any of the other Dynasty Warriors type games, and the graphics and strategy elements were just icing on the cake.


I think a sequel with a bit more polish could be a huge success.

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