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Capcom Press Event (new titles for PS2/Xbox/GC)

Romier S

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Capcom's recent press event shed light on some new titles and more impressions of previously announced titles from the house that Street Fighter built. Here's a run down with some impressions of thier games old and new:


Without Warning


A unique new third person action game from Capcom. Without Warning's call to fame is it's 24-esque gameplay elements. The game plays out from the perspective of 6 characters and each scenario in the game will last a full real time hour. The entire game will play out over a 12 hour time period much like the TV show 24. A few tidbits:


The story will play out in real time over a 12-hour period, much like in the TV show 24. Without Warning's spin on the formula is that the six perspectives you'll follow fall into two distinct groups. On the one hand, you'll have the expected military perspective, and you'll follow the three surviving members of the squadron as they attempt to complete their mission in the wake of an ambush that has decimated their squad.


Another new title from Capcom:


Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance


Beatdown is a new 3D beat-em-up in the vien of Capcom's own Final Fight. You can expect a slew of enemies, multiple playable characters as well as multiplayer mayhem (no online though!! :( ). Here's come impressions:


Beat Down casts you in the role of one of five playable characters and charges you with seeking revenge against the ruling body of Las Sombras. The demo of the game on display at Capcom's event let you play as either the hotheaded Raven or as Aaron, the love child of Zanetti, head of the most powerful cartel in Las Sombras. Given the current state of Las Sombras, you'll set out to find like-minded people to join forces with and build enough power to strike back against Zanetti's forces. Why can't you all just get along? It seems that when Zanetti learns of a rival clan's drug deal, he dispatches five of his top mercenaries from his inner circle to intervene. When they arrive on the scene, they find their targets have already been executed, and to their surprise, they are ambushed by members of their own cartel. Unfortunately, they were double-crossed and set up to appear as traitors who were out to nab the drugs and money for themselves. By who? Was it a scheme by the cartel to exploit them as scapegoats? Did one of the five betray the others? Such are the questions that burn in your mind as you're pursued by both your previous cartel and law enforcement officials. As a result, the five mercs are forced to split up and disappear into the streets of Las Sombras.


Capcom announces Megaman X collection as well as Capcom Classics


Looking to leverage it's old school games, Capcom will be releasing a compilation of the Megaman X titles it has released thus far. No info on what will appear in the collection has been revealed as of yet, nor has the platform but it is expected to at least appear on the PS2.


Along with that Capcom will be releasing some of it's older titles under the "Classics" banner. No word yet on whether these will be collections of individual releases ala the Nintendo GBA collection. Games like Bionic Commando and Final Fight seem likely candidates.


You can also read some new impressions of the Capcom's latest survival horror title "Haunting Ground" here:


Haunting Ground impressions


The game's title in Japan is Demento so you may have heard of it. Here are some juicy details:


The beginning of the game gives an effective introduction to Fiona's adventure. You start out nearly nude and totally defenseless in a cage. Once you are free from your prison, you'll be able to explore your surroundings but will have limited interaction with the things around you. Once you make your way to a forbidding castle, you'll trigger one of the many cinematics in the game, in this case a real-time clip that will introduce you to a mysterious purple-haired woman who's big on staring at and talking to unsettling portraits strewn about the house. Despite her quirks, the purple-haired woman gives up some clothing for you. Once you've changed, you'll be able to explore more of the area you're in and run smack-dab into your big, creepy buddy, Debilitas. Much like in the Clock Tower games, you'll cross paths with the big brute and find yourself dashing for safety before he smacks you silly.


You can read more about Devil May Cry 3, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 and more right here .

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Wow, lots of cool stuff there.


MegaMan X compilation might be fun, though generally I prefer the oldschool MegaMan titles to the X-games.


Classics are always welcome though. I'd like to see a nice package with all the Final Fights packaged. Or a slew of Capcom arcade games. Man, I'd kill to have a four-player home port of good ol' Captain Commando. Used to love that game in the arcades.

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Demento (Haunting Ground) was one of the big titles showcased in the special Capcom issue of Famitsu last year with the RE4 demo. The magazine had a few pages dedicated to it and the DVD with lots of Capcom previews had a trailer for it and it certainly got my attention. It's exciting to see that it seems to be coming together nicely, though I still prefer the Japanese title.


Without Warning looks intriguing too.




PS: I know it's not featured there since they showed it off already a number of times last year, but I am still lusting for Okami from Capcom/Clover Studios. I think it's my most wanted game of 2005. I'll cry if it doesn't see a Western release, but I am hopeful that it will. It's still yet to street in Japan.

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That's some good stuff. The new Mega Man X compilation may be good, especially since I've only played the first one. If they release it on GameCube, I pray that the decide to make the A button jump and B fire the way it should be.


As for the new titles, Haunting Ground looks like it could be good, and I like the premise of Without Warning. Hopefully these two games will come together and be worthy additions to the Capcom line-up.

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