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Super Bowl Sunday - Your plans and predictions


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Well Sunday is the big game.


I plan on watching it in HD for the first time, with some snacks, drinks and so forth with my brother and Dad as we always do .


I thought the game would be a blowout, however as the week has gone on I think its going to be a closer game. Still think the Pats will win it though


Prediction: Patriots 27 - Eagles 24 on a Vinitari winner.

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I predict I will have a few beers, fry a turkey & have a few friends over. :D

Who cares about the game Indy isn't there.

I'm watching for the commercials.



Oh. I will play though. New England 35 - Eagles 21


What does the winner get Joey? Your thread, your prize. :tu

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My main plans? Staying off the roads as much as possible. Traffic yesterday was the worst I've experienced in a long time during rush hour.

The Sports Guy on ESPN isn't too thrilled with the city. :(


Anyway, I'll be watching with friends the same way we did for every win. When we didn't get together, the Birds losed.


I'm not going to pick a score or winner, but I'm just going to say this should be one of the more memoriable Super Bowls because two damn good teams are playing!



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The Sports Guy on ESPN isn't too thrilled with the city. :(


The media has been ripping the city on everything and anything. Sure, some of it is justified while the rest is pretty much baseless. Tony Kornheiser has been running a lot of smack but admits he's never been here before and won't be here for the SB. We'll see how much complaining they do over 50 degree weather next year in Detroit. :P

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I will be at a friends house. Good chance of poker as well. No offense to the Eagles fans out there, but after what the Pats did to the Colts:


Pats: 27

Eagles: 6


Doesn't sound like much of a game based on my score. On the bright side, games I think will be blowouts are always closer than I expect.

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Great game. Too bad for the Philly fans the Pre-2004 McNabb showed up. Man he threw some ugly passes. TO was incredible. I still can't believe he was able to play that well. If he wasn't able to play the way he did, I think the game would have been a blowout. Kudos to TO. I have no idea what Reid was thinking. His coaching decision in the final 5 minutes was almost as mind-boggling as Mike Martz's decision not to give the ball to Faulk more than 19 times in their loss to the Pats. :wtf


Congrats to the Patriots. They truly are one of the best teams of all time.



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What a great time to be a Patriots fan, and more over, a sports fan in New England! It's an awesome feeling to have not only a championship team, but a team that will go down in the history books as putting together a tremendous run of victories. And the amazing part is that there is plenty of time left for more!

That was a great game, albeit a bit stressful. Philly did a good job too. I was impressed with T.O.'s effectiveness. I don?t Donovan should be let off the hook though, as he certainly wasn?t as effective as he could have been. That said, I can?t believe how well the Patriots secondary played. To think that group of players was able to step up and help carry the team all the way to a Super Bowl win is nothing short of amazing! Big time props!

I?m looking forward to seeing how they handle the loss of the two coordinators, and defending the title next year. Could they win three in a row? :)

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