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Napster's New Deal


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I dont really download as much music as I used to, but I have done my share of Kazaa downloads and such. (I've never moved over to bittorrents or usenet or anything). One of the reasons I stopped is by using the tried and true Kazaa method, it's hard to get decent copies of the files you want.


Now, Napster now has a deal where you can download unlimited songs for $14.95 per month. This sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me. I can actually download music legally without having to worry about getting bad copies?


Does this sound too good to be true, or are there any catches to this deal?


OR, Am I a dork for not using other methods to keep getting music for free?? :P

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Yeah, I did my share of p2p networks over the past several years. Started with Napster then moved to AudioGalaxy, Limewire, Morpheus, Imesh, finally Kazaa, then Kazaa Lite.


You just can't download any new songs anymore. They are either scrambled or, the record companies dump tons of files on the networks that are only half copies, or fakes, of what you want.


Can't tell how many times I downloaded a song that ended up looping the same 10 seconds, over and over...or, it just didn't do anything.


One song after the next.


I think the "glory" days of these networks, for downloading music, has passed. Haven't had any luck the past year or so.


Anyhoo...I've been using the new service from Microshaft that you link to through your Media Player.


Works pretty damn good. Just wish that there were more songs, (who doesn't), and that it had a better search function. It's setup just like Itunes, as far as pricing goes.


I usually just buy what I want now. Too big of a pain trying to find a decent copy. :(

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