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Late to the party: Orta is brilliant!


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Well, as previously documented, I've now got an XBox. And, after a little over a fortnight's ownership, I'd like to congratulate Panzer Dragoon Orta for being sufficiently wonderful that poor old Halo is feeling unloved.


It took a few tries to get into, as I think I was expecting a straight "Rez with dragons" game, but the 360 attacks and boosts seemed over-complicated. Well, now that its snapped into place I'm loving it, even though I'm still working through in Easy as I'm crap at it so far.


Love the 4th level, when you're flying around the big castle-thing. Its like a fantasy version of Rebel Assault, but in a really good way.

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I'm not that far yet, actually. After repeatedly getting my arse handed to me by the first boss I've resorted to "Easy", where its now the level 6 guy, the giant drone guy who is doing the same. Like I said, its taken a little while to get into the whole 360 attack thing, and then working out how to time my position changes with the speed changes to avoid boss attacks is just coolness personified, so I've not been really rushing through.

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I still have to sit down and finish the last few levels..

What?! Wuss. :)


Until you've conquered Level 8, you haven't done shit! (err, I think that's the one with the tough boss, I haven't played it in a few weeks)


I've got to go back to finish the sub-scenarios & the original Panzer one of these days.

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What?! Wuss.


Yep, that about sums it up! :P


Actually I have too many damn games. Case in point I just opened up Splinter Cell the other day, I have not finished Zelda, Metroid and this weekend I should be getting Matrix Reloaded. What the hell am I going to do when Star Wars Galaxies comes out?

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