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Setting up my new PC?

Anthony G

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Hello All,


I am going to set up my new Dell XPS today. Orginally I wanted to use Norton Ghost to transfer everything from my old computer to my new computer. However, my computer is plagued with spyware, adware et. I use spybot, but was unable to remove everything. When I run a virus scan, Norton detects a bunch of junk. It is unable to remove it. I know for sure the knowledge base in this Forum far excedes my knowledge of computers. Some questions I have:


1) Do I need to go through my entire computer and hopefully find all my important files or can I use the Ghost software to back up everything and grab whatever I need later? I am giving away my old computer to family and will probably reformat the whole thing before I do.


2) What is the best commercial software to protect my new computer from the same problems I suffered with my old computer?


3) I'm sure all software works differently, what do I do when I have commercial software which I have paid for? I want to make sure my licenses carry over when I set up my new computer. I paid for much of my software by downloading demos and paying for the full functionality via online purchasing. I have no physical copies of the software.


Any help would be very appreciated. Any other suggestions would also be most welcome. :)





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1- To be safe since you have all that junk on the old system, copy whatever personal files you need to CD

2-I recommend gettting Nortans Antivirus or nortans system works. Installing it on the new system. then scan the CD for virus's.

3-As for software. Install fresh new copies on your new system. Do not copy them over as it could cause some problems in the registry


Ive done this with all my computers since my first one and I have never had any problems with any of them. No spyware, no virus's, no nothing



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I tend to stay away from Norton and its massive footprint on system resources. McAfee is a heck of a lot better, although I now read at C|Net that Trend Micro PC-Cilllin is the way to go in terms of cost and impact on your system resources.


It's my understanding that the main thing to do is make sure that you are running a good firewall and periodically sweep your system with products like Spybot and AdAware.



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Thanks for the advice. I am gathering my important files now. By the end of the day I will have switched from my HP Pavilion 503n :barf with a 1.8 celeron and a lovely 10mb integrated graphics chip to this:


Dimension XPSPentium? 4 Processor 550 with HT Technology (3.40GHz, 800 FSB)


Memory512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz (2x256M)



KeyboardDell Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse


MonitorsFREE UPGRADE! 19 in E193FP Flat Panel Display


Video Card128MB PCI Express? x16 (DVI/VGA/TV-out) ATI Radeon? X800 SE


Hard Drive80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)



Operating SystemMicrosoft? Windows? XP Home Edition



Network InterfaceIntegrated Gigabit Ethernet



CD or DVD DriveSingle Drive: 48X CD-RW/ DVD Combo Drive



Sound CardSound Blaster Audigy?2 (D) Card w/Dolby 5.1, and IEEE 1394 capability


SpeakersDell A425 Speakers w/Subwoofer


I will be entering a new world of PC gaming, so I hear there is a game called City of Heroes....

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Sounds like you're in the same boat as I' date=' Lupo -- revisiting PC gaming after an absence. I dived into World of Warcraft as my first MMO and love it, but I bet you can't go wrong with City of Heroes.




Hi -j,


Actually I have never had a PC capable of gaming :( , which is why I went all out on my new system. I read the IGN review of WOW to see what it was like and it sounds great. For some reason I thought it was a strategy game (never read the forum on it since, up until now, the PC forum was one I never visited much.) I have another question. My new PC gets pretty warm after several hours (it was installed yesterday so I played around with it for hours). Should this be a point of concern or is it the norm for gaming PC's?






Thank you Capt for your input!

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