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Winning Eleven 8 xbox- Anyone get it?


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I've played it a few times (it hit Europe in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 late last year) and I have to say, even though I don't even follow the sport it is a very nice and uniquely responsive game of its kind. The PS2 pad may still lend itself better to the game, but the Xbox version is still comfortable enough to control and I am in the market to actually get round to buying my own copy soon, and will probably get the Xbox version (I just bought my brother the PS2 release for his birthday).



What I can't speak for is the XBOX Live support however since I gave up interest of getting into Live. I think there were some teething problems with lag from what I can recall from last year, but it may have been ironed out by now.


It's proving to be a popular title on these shores, despite the fact many still opted for Fifa 2005 over Christmas for the gobs of money poured into its presentation, music and licensed team and stadium names ignoring the fact the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution series still outranks EAs efforts in terms of responsiveness and physics. There are actually ways to download comprehensive fan made files for both PS2 and Xbox version where some chap with a lot of free time named every team, player and stadium correctly.



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Well you don't have that many soccer fans in the US that don't buy FIFA.

Actually that's probably one of the reasons the name of the version that's usually released in the US is called Winning Eleven and the one in Europe is Pro Evolution Soccer. Besides the region, another difference is the presence of online play. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 has Xbox live. Winning Eleven 8, which is basically the same game, doesn't.

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I picked this game up over the weekend, Its a very good soccer game, even a little complicated in some things you have to do. No live support does stink, as I only have my wife to play against, and she's never in the mood to play more than one or two matches at a time.


I have the demo for FIFA and I'm still trying to decide who's gameplay I like better.

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