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DVD Round Up 2/6-2/12


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Deal of the Week

Circuit City has a excellent 2 for $20 deal below which has a bunch of Top notch DVD's which for $10 each you should have in your collection. Chronicles of Riddick, Pitch Black, Punisher, Top Gun:SE(did a review in DVD challenge thread), Eternal Sunshine, Big Fish, Bourne Identity and Dawn of the Dead 2004.




The Notebook Hot Price

Message in a Bottle $9.99

Buy both above 2 for $20

Shrek $14.99

A Sharks Tale Hot Price

Buy Both Above Get Shrek for only $6

Malcolm X CE $15.99

Raging Bull :CE $15.99

Deadwood S1 $79.99

Fresh Prince of Bel Air $24.99

Murphy Brown S1 $24.99

Sex and the City S6 Pt2 $32.99

Miami Vice S1 $32.99

The Wayans Brothers S1 $24.99

Night Court S1 $24.99

Highlander S6 $62.99


Past Releases

Ray $19.99

Genius a Night with Ray Charles $15.99

Buy both above save $4

The Grudge $19.99

AvP $19.99

Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow $19.99


2 for $15

Bridges of Madison County

Jerry McGuire

The Wedding Singer


Breakfast at Tiffanys

Notting Hill

Return to Me

An Officer and a Gentlemen

Wedding Planner

Save the Last Dance

Working Girl

When harry Met Sally

Far and Away

Hope Floats

My Best Friends Wedding

Legally Blond

Legally Blond 2

Shallow Hal

Pretty in Pink


Ever After

Never Been Kissed

Someone like you

Moulin Rogue

Maid in Manhatten

Down with Love

West Side Story

Say Anything

What Women Want

Love story

Body Heat

Leaving Las Vegas

Perfect Murder

So I married a Ax murderer

Cruel Intentions

Love Stinks



American Beauty

Mulholland Drive

The Grifters


One Hour Photo

Killing me Softly


Sleeping with the Enemy

Dying Young

The War of the Roses

Young Doctors in Love


Circuit City

Malcolm X CE $17.99

Five People you meet in heavan $11.99

The Notebook $14.99

Shark Tale Low Price

Miami Vice S1 $35.99

Fresh Prince of Bel Air S1 $24.99

The Grid $17.99

Eulogy $17.99

Deadwood S1 $64.99

Jamie Foxx S1 $22.99

Racing Bull SE $19.99


Past Releases

Shrek $9.99 with purchase of shark tale

Home on the Range $14.99

Mulan SE $14.99

Disneys Three Musketeers $14.99

Lion King 1/2 $14.99

Spiderman 2 $16.49

Manchurian Candidate $16.49

Resident Evil Apocalypse $16.49

Dodge Ball $16.49

I-Robot $16.49

Anaconds $16.49

Sex in the City S6 Pt2 $34.99

Seinfeld S1/2 $34.99

SW:Trilogy $44.99

Return of the King Extended Edition $27.99

Friends S8 $32.99


$4.99 each

Midnight in the Garden of good and evil

Bridges of Madison County

Conspiracy Theory

Message in a bottle

Lethal Weapon Directors Cut

Youve got mail

Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway

Martin Lawrence You so crazy

13 Ghosts

House on Haunted Hill

Before Sunrise

Tin Cup

Bed of Roses

Angel Eyes

Point of No Return

Grumpier old Men

Dead Calm


Circle of Friends

National Velvet

Fort Apache The Bronx

Friends S1


Mars Attacks





An Office and a Gentlemen

How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

Love Actually

Legally Blond

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What a Girl wants


The Princess Bride

Win a Date

The Painist


***2 for $20*** Deal of the Week

Chronicles of Riddick

The Punisher


Van Helsing

Bourne Identity

Somethings Gotta Give

Dawn of the Dead

Big Bish

13 going on 30

You got Served


Starsky and Hutch

50 first dates

Dirty Dancing:CE

Pitch Black

Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

Under the Tuscan Sun

Along came Polly

Just Married

Pretty Women

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind


A Cinderella Story

Sweet Home Alabama

Top Gun :SE

Rain Man





Shark Tale Low Price

The Notebook $15.99

Fresh Prince S1 $24.99

Murphy Brown S1 $24.99

Miami Vice S1 $34.99

Deadwood S1 $69.99



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One little bit of info. Warner if you noticed is releasing a lot of there shows first seasons this week. One not in any of the ads was Full House S1 and im pretty sure there may be a few more being release this week. I believe i read somewhere the more of them you buy the more you can save on a Mail in Rebate. So if picking any of them up check it out


Romier I have still yet to get Carnivale, and I want to pick up Deadwood however the price is a bit steep as you said. Ill get to them eventually down the road


This week for me is just Shark Tale . Which is good as i have 23 movie dvd's still waiting to be watched and a few tv show sets

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