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What is the world coming to?


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Hydro im just curious if you read the forum, as lcvg has been a very xbox centric site. Even then there is no fanboyism on this site which leads to wonder why you included the following on this forum instead of posting it on a "sony fanboy" centric site


If it were not for all the Sony fanboys in the states, our forums would actually have information instead of flaming posts


We all get fed up with fanboyism and trolls and its one of the reasons Kelly, Romier and Scott created LCVG.



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OK....I'll bite.


Otter, you sound like a fanboy yourself. I am going to be realistic here. I am not a fanboy. I love all three companies. I think all three systems (GC, PS2, and X-box) have their positives and negatives. Why does Sony have the top ads on pages? Gee, I don't know, maybe it is because they have been the dominant force in the game industry since the 90's. I think it is funny that you call Sony a monopoly, but fail to mention that Microsoft has been sued more times for the exact same thing you are crying about. I think the only company in the industry trying to monopolize is EA, but there is a whole other thread on that issue.


As Sean said, no one flames on this forum except new blood who want to stir up shit. Stirring up shit here is fine, we all love a good discussion. But saying this place is full of Sony fanboys is pretty fucking funny. If you were here before the console discussion was all blended together, you would have seen how the Sony and Nintendo forums had about as much action as an 80 year old woman's panties. If you think Nintendo is going to challenge Sony in the next generation, I think I will have to laugh. Sony will have to fuck up majorly for that to happen. And I doubt we will see that happen. Sony knows how to market, and I think we will see another popular system from them. I believe the same things about the Big N and Microsoft.


So instead of trolling and flaming here, why not think of other ways to start up discussion, like things that Nintendo and MS have to do to beat Sony? How about dissing the PSP after using it? Hell, I have played the DS and there is nothing about it that has blown me away and made me feel I have to buy it. If the games for the PSP were not so damn much, I would probably still get one, but I am not paying $40-$50 for handheld games.


So to sum things up, flaming at LCVG=BAD. Thought provoking discussion=GOOD. See if those two formulas can work for you and if they can, you will see that LCVG is a pretty good place to discuss all games.



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