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Any of you guys have an Alienware?

Derrik Draven

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Think I'm going to take the plunge and spend my $$$ on a new laptop. High end only.


I've been looking for quite some time (bout a year), and I THINK the Alienware Area51m 7700 is going to be the one for me.


Yes, I know that they are a bit more expensive than some other manufacturers but, I really like the setup and, they seem to offer alot of support with their alienautopsy program and, alienrespawn recovery program.


One HUGE deciding factor is that Alienware uses graphics card modules in their laptops, which are as easy to upgrade as a desktop pc. I like that, ALOT!


I know that it wasn't very long ago that they (Alienware) were touting that they had just won the award for best customer service.


...that said, however; I've read so many very bad reviews of their systems and especially, their self-touted customer service, on http://www.epinions.com, that I'm still leary of buying from them.


I realize that usually, it's pissed off customers that will take the time to write a negative review, moreso than satisfied customers taking time to write a good review. Hence, the reviews on many different websites tend to be biased against the companies since most of the people writing are pissed off for some reason or another. Can kind of give a skewered view.


Still...I'd like to know what you guys, that own Alienwares, think of the company.

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As I understand it, Alienware support was brought to their knees when they started selling through Best Buy. It was more than they could handle. But that was a good year, or so, ago and they might have sorted it out by now. Aside from that little tidbit, I've never dealt with them directly.



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This is the exact same thing if you're interested in saving a couple hundred bucks:




I'm having second thoughts about the one I picked out and I'm trying to get my wife sold on this one right now. For whatever reason, my argument of the video card being 3X as powerful for less than double the cost isn't holding much sway. :thud :thud :thud


The original name on the laptop is the Clevo D900T and it appears the site I linked is cheapest and has a really good reputation. You'll probably want to take a look at this when you pick your graphics card:



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