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1080: Avalanche


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Is there any early word of mouth for this game yet? This is probably going to be my next Cube game if the reviews for it are half way decent. And I expect they will be. The N64 version was one of my favorite games on that system so I have pretty high hopes for this one.

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Few more tidbits on this game cropped up at IGN, notably that they still need to iron out a few kinks in the framerate etc.


Apparently this is going to be one of if not the first Nintendo titles to include licensed music instead of a score. Interesting.


The Avalanche mode, which I'd never actually heard about before sounds really cool, with your character starting from the top of the mountain then getting caught in a massive (guess) and having to outrace the snow to the bottom while dodging boulders landing in your path.



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Originally posted by kfredericks@Sep 18 2003, 09:35 PM

I loved 1080 and I loved SSX Tricky. But I'm finding myself interested in Amped for no other reason than XSN. Am I alone on this? I feel that a game like this becomes much more fun in multiplayer, and when you're not living in a dorm with a bunch of friends, you need XBlive to find people to play with.

For 1080 and SSX I would agree with you, but Amped is not really a racing game, unlesss they're changing things quite a bit, and for just cruising down the mountain pulling tricks I'm not sure what multiplayer would do for the game?

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when you're not living in a dorm with a bunch of friends, you need XBlive to find people to play with.


Bit of a broad statement, don't you think?


I don't live in a dorm and I can get eight people over here for multiplayer in a heartbeat if I wanted to. Just a matter of how your life is set up. Some of us have a ready supply of nearby game-playing buddies, some of us have long-distance game-playing buddies.


MicroSoft should look at using that quote for their next ad campaign though.

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I also, unfortunatly, have a hard time getting people over to my place to game, but it's just because of where i live right now in relation to most of my friends. And of course this is a Nintendo game, so there's obviously no point in me bitching about it not being on Live or something similar.


Anyway, Gamespot just posted some impressions of the game yesterday, and it looks to be shaping up nicely. No surprises here; if you liked the original, looks like you are going to be into this one. Being a big Wave Race fan, I'm going to check this one out even though I probably played the N64 version a couple of times at most.

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Enough with the semantic discussions about what people say or how they could have said it better. I'm sorry that my comment was too general. All I meant to communicate was that my interest in 1080 is slightly subsided due to my enthusiasm for the Xblive multiplayer features of Amped. I felt it was relevant since I was a huge 1080 fan and currently own a Gamecube.

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I can empathize.


For example, online gaming elsewhere has dampened my enthusiasm for Gamecube titles like Mario Golf and Mario Kart.


It doesn't mean I think they are bad games; not at all! It just means that my interests have shifted, and I have a fixed amount of time.


Sadly, I don't have 'close by' friends for offline multiplayer these days. My old gaming buddies are at least 45 minutes away and we all have different schedules and family needs these days. But I digress...

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