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Name some of your memorable gaming "moments".

Derrik Draven

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Every now and then it seems like this topic comes around. We were discussing Pirates! on the pc forum and, it made me think of a memorable moment so, I thought I'd toss this thread out to the group to see what some of your memorable gaming moments were. I know we have tons. Just thought I'd mention a few. Here goes:


1)Unreal: Stepping outside Vortex Rikers and seeing that gorgeous sky for the very 1st time, hearing the atmospheric music kick in, listening to the sounds of far off creatures as their cries echoed in the valley. Sent chills down my spine. :drool


2)Ico: Yorda steps out of her cage and I'm treated to a hauntingly beautiful, strange and ethereal, girl that I don't understand. Felt like a moment in the anime version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Just...strange....memorable. :wtf


3)Doom: Reaching the 1st level where you're actually in hell and you're treated to the sky on fire and the sounds of demonic wailing. Friggin' creepy! :thud


4)Superman, Atari 2600: Played it for the 1st time unknowingly on the hardest settings. Took hours. Finally got Lois to the Daily Planet, made it to the phone booth, changed back to C. Kent, walked into the Daily Planet and heard 3 stinking little chimes and, that was the end of the game. I thought it was awesome!!!!! 'Course, I was about 10 at the time. Easily impressed. :P


5)Pirates!: Taking a small band of guys and sacking one of the biggest cities on the Spanish Main. I think it was Caracas or...Curacao...???? I never again succeded in splitting up that much cash on any mission again. :tu


6)FFVII: Aeris (I think) dies. Was actually pretty touching for a game full of mongoloidal people with huge heads. Left me as being pretty sad.


7)Half Life 2: Too many parts on the journey for me to pin one down. Suffice to say, HL2 has been a standout experience for me! I just loved the whole neo-nazi like control of the city with those bastards looking for me, the escape from their grasp, the return, the kicking of their asses. :rock


8)Resident Evil: Quiet hallway + half rotten dobermans breaking glass = soiled pants. :D


9)Super Wing Commander (3DO): Finally beating the VERY loooooong campaign and being treated to the cgi ending where you're flying back to the Tigers Claw and you can hear the voices of your past wingmen that died, speaking to you ala Obi Wan style. I remember Hunter telling me to "bag a few for ole 'untah". You know, Aussie accent. ;)


10)Adventure: Finding the secret dot up in the black castle, just to view one of the very first, if not THE first, videogame easter egg. "Created by Warren Robinette".

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Here are a few off the top of my head:


  • The reveal of GANON at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Absolutely brilliant.
  • Discovering the Flood in Halo.
  • The area where you fight with Krauser in Resident Evil 4.
  • Accidentally discovering the man who gives you the note to cross the river in Zelda II after spending months looking for him.
  • Befriending the Ant Lions in Half Life 2.
  • My first Tetris.


I'm sure I could think of more, but I don't want to take all the good ones now. ;)

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Just a few to get me started.




  • The mine car chase in RE4
  • Everything turning to color in Hyrule Castle in the Windwaker
  • Beating the 1st Legend of Zelda in front of about 10 people (we were in 7th grade at the time and were all cheering)
  • Getting all of the stars in Mario 64
  • Seeing the shittiest ending of all time in Ikari Warriors
  • The entire story in Metal Gear Solid
  • Creating the term "Face Paster" after whooping a team in the original SOCOM online


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  • Beating all three Ninja Gaiden games on the NES.
  • A four hour long round of tank-less Base Assault on Ponyri (CoD:UO), resulting in a score of almost 200 points for me alone. That battle was epic.
  • Seeing Tekken Tag Tournament for the first time in an arcade, and beating the game on my very first play (no continues).
  • Actually becoming significantly ranked on Klax during our Midway Arcade Treasures competition.
  • Pulling off this slick as hell sequence of events in GTA:VC - getting a 5 star wanted rating, then stealing a cop car, baiting another cop car into chasing me, driving up the stair/ramp to jump onto the roof of Ammu-Nation with my car on fire and having them follow the jump, bailing out in midair before my car exploded, then killing the cops with only a handgun after they landed and jumped out of their flaming wreckage. Thankfully the adrenaline rush didn't make me forget to think about smacking the "save replay" shortcut, and I recorded it with FRAPs. The video is here (Deathwind is one of the online nicknames I use). You can see the SWAT helicopter fly over my head at the end, and my little victory dance on a motorcycle after I deescalated the situation. :D

Doom: Reaching the 1st level where you're actually in hell and you're treated to the sky on fire and the sounds of demonic wailing. Friggin' creepy!

This and Dean's Zelda story reminded me of an anecdote...our school was getting new computers (we're talking smoking hot 486's, man), and we convinced a homeroom teacher to let us install and play Doom on the one in our room. Eventually, one day she wondered what the hell was going on and watched us play, in shock and horror. It turned out she originally thought we had said "Dune", and believed we were playing an interactive version of the Frank Herbert novel, no doubt enriching our education and learning the economic lessons of spice trading and whatnot.

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1) Defeating the original Ninja Gaiden

2) Defeating Mike Tyson!

3) Defeating Super Metroid in just over 3 hours!

4) Yeah, that sad death in FF III

5) Zombies reaching through the window in Resident Evil II - soiled pants

6) Half-Life I: Giant monster slaughters four soldiers, then turns and runs at me

7) Flying in SMB3 the first time

8) Playing through my first user created level in Duke Nukem 3D

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No particular order


1)Beating all 3 Ninja Gaiden NES games straight with no time off

2)Beating Phantasy Star Online with a few of the LCVG then HTF crew

3)Finishing Mega Man's 1-6 in one summer

4)Reactor TF in City of Heroes where we played 6 hours straight and didnt beat it. Then beat it the next day

5)Seeing a particular lcvg owner get pwned by another lcvg owner in Fuzion Frenzy


There are more but i could go on for days



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Holy shit, Joey. That is an accomplishment!


Tell me about it. Trust me i could never do it again. I used to bring my Nintendo with me when i stayed in SC during the summer. One day there was a bad storm which woke me up early. So i started NG1. Beat it, since there was nothing else to do I just kept playing 2 and then 3. I was up for a very very long time playing. I once tried to do it again but never could i do it straight again. Needed sleep. Guess it was good to be that young :-)



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  • Playing Doom dialup co-op with my co-worker in the same office while talking to each other via speakerphones

  • The oh-shit sense of dread when watching the cutscene just before the flood in Halo

  • The first time I beat Bowser in the original Super Mario Bros.

  • Doing it again in Super Mario 64

  • Owning the high score in my arcade in Hyper-Sports for as long as the game was around

  • Having a stranger pay for my game of Xevious because they admired how far I could get and just wanted to watch me play

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  • Hitting the duck with the javelin in Track and Field for the first time
  • Destroying the Andor Genesis Mothership for the first time in Xevious
  • Playing Gryuss on the NES at college and making it to the Earth - only to realize I had to keep going to the f***ing SUN!!?!?
  • 11-hour SoulCalibur marathon at my friend Matt's house
  • Defeating Chrono Cross
  • Defeating Seymour Guado's final form in ONE MOVE in Final Fantasy X
  • Defeating Final Fantasy X
  • The revelation of the Flood in Halo
  • Defeating the final level of Halowith less than 3 seconds on the clock
  • Playing Panzer Dragoon Orta for the first time :thud
  • Numerous online games of Rainbow Six 3
  • Beating Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy - a surprisingly good game and some of the most fun I've had on a single-player videogame (I mean come on, you get to telekinetically throw people all over the place)
  • Taking Halo 2 home and playing it online for two hours on launch day

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- Play WarioWare for the first time...I thought I was tripping!


- The first time starting my mech up in Steel Battalion...I love the switches


- In Half-Life 2, being chase in the apartment building, running to a door, baddies busting it down, turn to the other door and the same thing happened...WOW!(sorry, no movie, but if you played the game you should know)


-Aries death from above by Sephiroth....touching moment

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*Playing Doom (PC) deatchmatch against my cousin via dialup connection. We would play for hours and then call eachother afterwards and talk about the best moments. Good stuff.


*Playing online in Duke Nukem 3D (PC) against other people via some matchmaking service (forget the name). The weapons in that game remain some of the most fun and varied in any FPS game to date. Why haven't other FPS games had laser trip mines, freeze guns, shrinking rays, etc? Also I think it was the first game to have realtime cameras in the game (click a monitor and see a realtime image of the room the camera is in). Oh and dont forget the jetpacks. If only we had a modern day version. Duke Forever where art thou?


*The first time I drove a hot lap in one of those old Ferrari's in Grand Prix Legends (PC) without crashing. To this day no other racing sim has came close to the experience that gave me. The engine sound, the rattle of the car, the whistling sound of the wind passing over your open cockpit, the sense that one bad move and you would be spinning and hitting a wall and watching car parts fly all over the place....amazing stuff. Its a damn shame that there aren't more hardcore racing sims like this one. Sure they take some time to master but they are so rewarding when you "get it". Also of note is that GPL later (via a patch) had the best force feedback support I had ever experienced.


*First time I played Rainbow Six (PC) online with some buddies. The one shot = death gameplay made for some really intense online gaming. Had a blast when I joined a clan and played on a regular basis. Can't believe its been 7 years since then. This is also the first time I experienced the "joys" of online tea bagging. :D


*Stepping outside the ship and seeing the beautiful surroundings in Unreal (PC). The most detailed outdoor graphics we had seen to date. Really drew you into the game.


*The first time I basted an opponents buildings with a nuke in Total Annihilation (PC). Very satisfying seeing all those prescious little buildings blown to smitherings.


*First time racing Motocross Madness (PC) online. The graphics and sheer size of the levels were unlike anything I had seen before. Alot of different ways to get from point A to point B in that game. I love racers that give you freedom like that.


*Tram ride at the beginning of Half-Life (PC). Jaw was on the floor pretty much the entire ride. Great way to grab your attention and pull you into the game.


*First time using the gravity gun in Half-Life 2 (PC). Brilliant weapon.


*Finishing the end of an online game of Rainbow Six 3 (Xbox) with all 8 kills for my team. What a rush.


*Finishing the day undefeated in an arcade game (the name escapes me) at my local nickel arcade back in the early to mid 90's. The game was very similar to T-Mek. Same type of dual cockpit setup where you drove tank like vehicles in levels that were setup like 3D mazes. I dont know why but I really took a liking to that game from the first day I played it and was really good at it. Most satisfying win came when 2 overweight twins (affectionately named Lumpy 1 and Lumpy 2 by yours truely) challenged me to a match and I smoked em both. They were the type of kids who were always at the arcade and hated losing. Made all the more satisfying seeing them sweat while they were playing. Ahh I miss the lumpy twins. :)



Ehh I'm hungry and cant think of any more without my brain melting.

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Running a perfect lap on Wipeout 2097. At Rapier. In the Pirhana. Hang on ladies, we're going for a ride! That thing is fast...




That first time I looked down on Earth from outside a station in Frontier - wow.


Clearing Expert 7. Oh my God that took a bit of work.


My first hour of Super Mario 64. So far ahead of the competition, it was like a whole different pastime.

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- In Half-Life 2, being chase in the apartment building, running to a door, baddies busting it down, turn to the other door and the same thing happened...WOW!(sorry, no movie, but if you played the game you should know)

Oh yeah, that is a great moment in videogames. what was the best was trying to run back up the steps and they collapse. :)



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Wow, hmm, lots of great moments I can think of, mostly involving PC gaming.


- Beating the original Police Quest. First adventure game I owned, first one I finished.

- The finale and end-credits sequence of Star Control II.

- Pretty much the entirety of System Shock and System Shock II

- Completing Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers completely with my own ingenuity after the first day (that clock puzzle is not intuitive :D)

- Sid Meier's SimGolf

- Endless, endless games of Counter-Strike back before cheating destroyed it.

- Half-Life. Loved this game to death, but I remember I showed it to a friend once and was just demonstrating the controls when a snark made a lunge at me. I lazily swung the gun over and bullseyed it right out of the air. I could never duplicate that a second time.

- Getting applause for playing DDR at a local arcade (for no good reason really :P)

- Finally putting the boots to that bastard in Shadowfang Keep with the guys and getting that kickass staff.

- Playing They Hunger and, later, They Hunger 2 late at night with the lights off and being totally wigged out.

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  • I've talked about this before, but my most memorable gaming moment happened back in the mid 80's at my local arcade when I played the original Star Wars game (the sit-down version) for 8 hours on one quarter, beating the published world record.
  • Another moment was also at the arcade when I first broke into the 'black' colored levels in Tempest, pure insanity. I never got to the final color, which is green. But the black was enough to attract a crowd of people to watch.
  • A more recent one was beating the world's 5th ranked player on Colin McRae 5 on a stage in Finland. It was probably the best run I've ever had on that stage, nearly perfect. I probably couldn't do it again, but it was exhilarating to have him right on my tail for the entire race and not choke :)
  • Midtown Madness 3 - everyone deciding to take Minis for a game, except for Jay (Robot Monkey) who starts to the game with a firetruck - which causes a riot of mashed-up Minis in the streets of Paris.
  • Proving that the rumored bug in Galaga really existed. I don't remember the details, but the idea IIRC was that if, on any even numbered level, you let the very last bee that enters the level to live...and wait for a while as he keeps diving over and over, eventually he will stop shooting at you. If you kill him when he stops shooting, no enemies for the rest of the game will shoot! I was skeptical, but I tried it (it was a long wait) and it worked!

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ANother memorable moment was a game of ESPn football between me and Gary (JoBoo). We go into the 4th qtr and I believe he was up by 3 scores. I told Gary the game was over and he then tells me he isn't convinced because of previous 4th qtr. meltdowns. I then tell him that it is 3 scores and I never came back from that much down. Too make a long story short, I tied the game in the final seconds and went on to win in OT. :)


Another great ESPN moment was in 2K4 the league we had, I was the Saints and my game against the Panthers came up. The guy I was playing comes on and says he will run for at least 300 yards with Stephen Davis. I was like...OK, but he was serious. He talked so much trash about how he runs for 300+ against everyone. At the half he had like 34 yards rushing and 3 points. I had 150+ on the ground with McCallister and 20+ points on the board. I ended up smoking him like 45 to 10. He never even got close to 100 yards rushing with Davis. :)



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Res Evil 4

Watching my head get lopped of by the chain saw guy that was cool because I thought I would just get really badly wounded not instant death.


Having Jeff hear Me scream like a little grill because of the snakes in boxes, deathly afriad of snakes.


Killing the fish boss on the frist try



Eternal Darknes


The hulsanations as the game went on exspeiclay the deleting saved game one


Res Evil one

Trying to defeat the snake boss givin my above metioned phoiba


Zelda games


To many duh momets to list here



got to get back to work I have some more to add that invole a certin member of the board but you will have to wait these dam puters are to slow

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