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Question 1# Well, actually I wan't your opinion...It is in regard to screen protectors for the DS...I picked up a Madcatz DS case, the smaller of the two...This is after researching enough to make a decision on it, I'm abit anal rententive...LOL...But it came with screen protectors...And the best way to describe this is this: Have you ever bought a printer or other electronic device that has a smooth plastic face over an display? It has a hefty plastic "scratch-guard" on it, the one you have to peel off?...Now to my question...The MadCatz screen guards are basically the same material, held on my static electricity...The thing I seen was, A. they do protect the screen B. Vision is slightly blocked, abit distroted C. There is a chance that you will end up with air bubbles D. Styli and thumbpad respond was deminished slightly....Now, I will also say they are a bit tought to remove, they really stay down, but, on the converse, they have no adhesive...If you have you used them, what do you think? Personally, I won't use a Pelican screen because it uses adhesive and the reason I won't use the MadCatz screen is due to the drop in responce from styli and the thumbpad. Frankly, I just don't think you have to worry, the touch screen is tough and Nintendo stated, as long as you use Nintendo licenced products on it, you won't have issues. Plus, a 3 pack of styli is only around 5 bucks or so...Anyways, I was just wanting your input on this subject....Thanks


Question 2# Feel the Magic: XX:XY...Have any of you played this game? I heard it was a good game from a friend of mine that works at a gaming store, so I thought I'd pick it up. I'm up to scene 13, "Chaser" and I am really starting to get into the game...I will say that I didn't get blown away with it like I did Super Mario 64 DS. Question, what are you feelings on the game?....Thanks again....


Oh yeah, I apologize if this post has been covered already...

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Have any of you played this game?


We'll have a staff review of Feel the Magic up very soon. Keep an eye out for it if you are interested in the game. Also you can take a look here:


DS Games Thread


There is a ton of discussion on all DS games going on there.


As far as the screen protection question, I'm afraid I can't much help you there. I still have not bought a DS but I'm sure someone can jump in with some thoughts for you.

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I think as long as you are gentle with the DS, it should be fine without a protector. Just remember, keep the touchscreen clean unless you want to scratch it when you play. You should definately avoid protectors with adhesive since you'll probably want to swap the protector later.


I like Feel the Magic but I'm not too keen on the DS anymore. The release schedule is embarassing to the point that it makes the first year of the N64 look lavish. Right now, my DS is basically a GBA with a brighter screen and I'm thinking of selling it.

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