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Ever happy that games are delayed?


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Am I weird for LIKING when games get delayed, so that I can play out my existing games without the nagging feeling that the next best thing has been released? For example, right now, I am horribly neglecting DOAU, haven't played Halo 2 in a week, and am nursing a play through of Ninja Gaiden's hurricane pack while competing in a NHL 2K season. I don't need Doom 3 or Jade Empire messing that up! Not to mention I wish to borrow Metroid Prime 2 and eventually buy Resident Evil 4. Am I just slow, or does everyone on this forum have more time than I.


When did a game delay make you happy?


Btw, was going to make this a poll, but I don't think I have the permission to make a poll. Am I being oppressed by the LCVG titans?

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I'm with you!


Delays are fine and dandy by me. Currently, I play Halo2 many nights a week, just got back into DOAU, and started playing Wind Waker again (had to start new since it's been over a year). I have others collecting dust that I neglected and would like to finish (like Ninja Gaiden).

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I don't mind so much either for a lot of the resons listed allready. I also don't mind if they to need to do it to fix bugs with said game I was dissopointe a bit with Halo 2 with the bump mapping issues of the cut scenes givin the long delay of the game... same with the lag issues of KOTR II.

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I dont mind games being delayed especially when it means the game is being fine tuned to be the best game it can be. A current example would be Forza Motorsport for Xbox. This is my most highly anticipated game at the moment. I would be very happy to be able to play it asap but I dont mind the delays because I know the team working on the game is passionate about making the best racing game they can make. So I hope they take their time and release one kickass game with no bugs and tons of cool features. The same could be said about the Half-Life 2 delays. It was by far my most eagerly anticipated game but I knew Valve was working hard at creating what I now consider to be one of the best games ever.


I also agree that it is nice to be able to catch up on your current crop of games and other forms of entertainment.

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Well, here it is, the decenting opinion!


I don't want any game to be delayed unless it's delayed for true improvement or to avoid bugs.

My reasoning for not wanting delays? Well, if a title is released and I'm playing other titles, I'm more than happy to pick the title up a few months later, when new game has probably seen a price drop! I'd rather let other people pay the release price. There are a very select few titles that I feel the need to purchase at release.

I will say that if a hot release is primarily experienced via Xbxox Live, and I fear missing out on the initial wave of online play, a delay might also be welcome.

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