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Xbox Next Screenshots of "The God Father"


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Got the latest EGM. All the screenshots of their GTA-like "God Father" game are from what EA describes as visuals targetted for the Xbox Next version of the game. More often than not, early screenshots used for publicity look better than the final game. I can?t help but be disappointed. Don?t get me wrong, it looks very good. But not ?Next Gen? good. Not as good as the Madden screenshot I saw. Not as good as I imagined ?Perfect Dark? looking. Not even as good as Ninja Gaiden.


I?m sure more and more Next Gen screenshots will be released in the next couple months, and we?ll have a greater variety of games to drool over (DOA4 will probably have us changing our bibs). Still though, I am so far not giddy based on the limited screenshots I?ve seen.


Maybe Microsoft needs a Cell processor in the Next box to get the supercomputer graphics I expect.

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I thought the visuals were great - Remember, though, they weren't screenshots of the game -- and furthermore, this game is being developed for multiple platforms (XBOX 360, XBOX, PS2), and will probably suffer from "lowest common denominator" syndrome.


That being said, I will be disappointed if most games on Next-Gen systems aren't using HDTV resolution. I can't even imagine why they wouldn't.

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That being said, I will be disappointed if most games on Next-Gen systems aren't using HDTV resolution.


I second that. In fact, probably the only reason I'm accepting of Microsoft releasing Xbox Next so early, is in hopes that games with be in 1080i... I'd almost be happy if games only looked mildly better if I could play FPS games in hi resolution.


They will be, on one platform at least.

I hope so, but where did you read that? Wishful thinking, or do you read something about one of the consoles that I didn't?

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I suspect that Brian, as part of the game development community, has a bit of a heads up on the new consoles that us average folk don't.


No, I missed that. So now I can infer that your comments mean:


"I actually have the Xbox Next SDK and have a working knowledge of the available screen resolutions and what affect they have on system performance."


To which I respond :buttrock.gif

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