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No HD-DVD for Xbox Next


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Although I'd love to have an HD-DVD player by year's end, free with my purchase of an Xbox Next, that is an unreasonable expectation. I think HD-DVD players will retail for around $1,000 when Xbox Next comes out. You can't expect consumers or Microsoft to absorb that cost for an unproven technology. By the time HD-DVD is accepted (or rejected) by the mainstream, we'll be talking about Xbox 3.


Of much higher priority is that the DAMN GAMES BE in HD please! Concentrate on that!

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The wording of your title had me thinking this was a fact, but it's just a rumor still.

Everything for Xbox Next is a rumor until E3 wink.gif. The article got me to thinking though, that there is no way Xbox Next will have an HD-DVD drive. It just doesn't make sense at all. Frankly, I can barely believe that PS3 will have a blue-ray drive, except that Sony has an extra year for prices to come down, and they won't charge themselves a licensing fee.

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