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Mulitplay Community Idea


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Hello everyone, I would like you to give me your opinion on an idea I have...I am wanting to start a web community of DS owners...The community will be a network of DS owners and it will give them the ability to organize mulitiplay events. There will also be gaming news, a community blog along with private messaging. From time to time, myself or future staff may also take advantage of a email event alert for specific areas.....At the moment, the site is still being filled and developed and i am needing staff...If you are interested, email me and I will give you more details...Also, please tell anyone whom you think might like this idea and will add to the community....


In closing, if you want a better idea, I got this idea from the Urbanites at ModGods.com , you can check them out...


The URL is dslanparty.danbradley.net


I will be out of state for two weeks starting the 12th, I basically wanted to get this post to let you all have time to look at it while I'm gone...I hope to have more info on the site before I leave. Also, I look to start programming the site with all the staff info and getting the staff trained when I return...Baring in mind I can get staff....


Well, thanks and I'll see you all in a couple weeks....


Mods, I apologize if I have this post in the wrong forum...I just thought it was directly related to handheld gaming....

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