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Spikeout Extreme - Spiritual successor to Streets of Rage.

Romier S

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Figured I'd throw this up for those interested in some old school style beat-em-up action. Sega and Sammy have Spikeout Extreme scheduled for the Xbox this March. The game won't be winning any beauty awards but the original arcade game was a popular diversion and many have compared it to Streets of Rage. The Xbox version of the game will feature 4 player Xbox Live cooperative play as well as a hefty single player game along with some extras. The game is being released at a budget price of 29.99. I've uploaded a trailer for the game to the server for your viewing pleasure:


Spikeout Trailer


You can also take a look at some more information on the game here:



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Sweet. :D


I will keep an eye out to rent this.


I played Streets of Rage with my friend that had a Genesis back in the day. I think I have SoR 1 and 3 in my closet for my Genesis, but not so much fun by yourself :( Plus I found they hadn't aged as well as I had thought, IMO. Similiar experience with Double Dragon...


My favorite co-op beat 'em up of all time was D&D Tower of Doom. What a great arcade game! I downloaded that and D&D Shadow over Mystara for MAME, as the only console release of it was a Japan only Sega Saturn release...Shadow over Mystara is cool too, but I still liked ToD myself.

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My favorite co-op beat 'em up of all time was D&D Tower of Doom. What a great arcade game! I downloaded that and D&D Shadow over Mystara for MAME, as the only console release of it was a Japan only Sega Saturn release...Shadow over Mystara is cool too, but I still liked ToD myself.


I have that Saturn compilation and I *LOVE* it. Even though they did something stupid and allowed unlimited continues, it is still a blast to play through both games. :)


Anyway, I always like these beat-em-ups, I'll give it a try!

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Spikeout is in stores as we speak gentleman. I was suprised to see it on hold for me at EB when I went to pick up my PSP and God of War but there it was released a week early. My EB got exactly 1 copy of this game. I have no doubt this one will be very difficult to find so make sure you get over to your local game shop ASAP if you are interested.

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Scott and I joined up tonight for a quick 45 minute session of Spikeout. The goal was simply to check the game out and give the online co-op and interface a look. Getting straight to the point; We had a great time with the game. I can see the comparisons to Streets of Rage as this is a purely old school style beat-em-up. There is some depth to the gameplay if you want to take the time to learn it including some neat co-op maneuvers as well as the use of charge moves that can cause some serious damage when chained together. Though if you want to go ahead and button mash your way through and just beat the crap out of anything that moves, this is your game.


Spikeout features a hefty story mode with full CG cut-scenes and a pretty familiar level structure for anyone that has played games of this type. The storyline is pure cheese and the dialogue is especially laugh inducing but it manages to remain somewhat charming due to the games nostalgic nature. As mentioned the gameplay is straightforward. You beat the hell out of an increasing number of enemies including color swapped versions of bad guys named "Terry" and "Caleb". Does that sound old school and outdated enough for you? ;)


The graphics are certainly not much to look at. Spikeout Extreme was originally powered by Sega's Naomi arcade board and what you will find on the Xbox is an arcade perfect port and little else. In other words expect Dreamcast quality graphics. To counter that though, I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing either since the game is by no means an eye sore. The game runs extremely smooth and the graphics are very clean and colorful. The combat animations are decent enough, though it must be said that the run and walk animations for the main fighters are hysterical. Spikeout also includes support for 480p capable televisions which helps the overall presentation. (have not tested Widescreen support yet but I will update when I have or Scott may chime in on that one)


The music is straight up hard rock and is definitely not as memorable as Streets of Rages' tunes of old. Some of it is however quite catchy and works well within the context of the game. Character quips and victory cheers are hilarious. The games announcer is a freaking joy to listen to since he speaks in this monotone "action movie" voice that never gets old. The sound design is also pretty good overall with some great clobbering sounds when you go into a co-op combo or hit someone on the head with a tire iron. :tu


This is definitely not a game that I see anyone shelling fifty bucks out to buy. However at 29.99 you can almost ignore any of the games issues since it is extremely damn fun to play both off and online. It was only Scott and I playing tonight but we were having a great time doing some cool team moves and ganging up on the bosses. We almost shit our pants when we saw three bosses coming our way and I highly recommend having friendly hit damage on as it makes for those great "Dammit you freaking hit me you fool!" arguments. :lmfao With a nice story mode, tons of unlockables (including characters, new areas, costumes from what I've seen in the menu's), and a 4-player cooperative mode that can be played on Xbox Live, Spikeout is a solid game for it's price. Your enjoyment will depend completely on whether you like the throwback to the olden days approach taken with the gameplay. Being a complete Streets of Rage nut it's not hard to tell which camp I'm in. :)

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Thanks, I'll probably pick it up now. Just wanted to make sure it didn't suck.

We'll definitely have to get a game going soon then.


I mainly wanted to make sure folks expectations are in the right place when they go to drop 30 bucks on this game. It's even more important to do that now considering we recently got a stellar 20 dollar budget title like Phantom Dust that takes advantage of the Xbox in terms of hardware with it's excellent graphics and Xbox Live's functionality with it's many modes of play, skill acquisitions, trading and more.


Spikeout is literally a Dreamcast game that was moved over to the Xbox. It looks it. It feels it. Furthermore it's an arcade game and much like many of Sega's games (like the recent Outrun 2) you will either dig the arcade feel or completely dislike it. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a pure Double Dragon/Final Fight etc. style beat-em-up this is. It is an utterly simple gaming experience with enough depth added to keep things interesting and help in the variety department. The single player story mode is there for you if you want to go at it but as noted, it's pure cheese and the game doesn't try to hide it. You can unlock upwards of 30 characters to play as online if you run through the single player game along with a ton of other stuff so I find it warrants at least one play through. Spikeout is just a fun little game that is noteworthy due to the addition of it's online component along with the ability to play with 4 of your buddies in front of the Xbox if you wish. Multiplayer is where this one strives both at home and online.


As an aside, I wanted to comment on some of the impressions I've read around the net complaining about long load times that happen frequently in Spikeout. The minor loading times you will see occur during mid-area transitions and it's practically seamless. You will go into a first person view, your character will perform an animation (such as destroying a gate or jumping over a barrel) and the next area starts. Each level is divided into 2 to 5 sub-areas. The lengthier loading sequences happen during the CG cutscenes before a new level. There is some misinformation running around a few other forums saying you cannot skip these cutscenes which is an utter lie. After the initial 20-30 second load you can hit A to skip any cut-scene in the game. You do have to wait for the load icon at the bottom right to go away though so keep that in mind.


Scott and I played for almost an hour and worked our way completely through the first few levels and I'm sure he'll be glad to tell you the load times during online play are not in any way excessive. If anyone wants to get a sample, I'd be glad to make a video of the game and toss it up on the server showcasing the games load times.

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Well, I can tell you some things...


It looks like this is a very limited release,as well as an EB Games exclusive.The only place in my area that had any only had 2 copies,both preorders.


But - both preorders were by the same guy & an ex-EB Games employee,so the nice lady sold me one :)


So,rare & mindless fun I'm all about.Hope to play with you guys soon!

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I picked one up today, thanks to this thread. It's been a while since I'd played any beat-em-ups. Dynamite Cop was decent and I played through that numerous times.


I was talking to Calvin about sales of this - my prediction is LCVG gamers will result for roughly one-third of the sales this weekend.


Thanks for the heads up on this one gang!

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