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Fun little Flash game diversion

Romier S

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Ran across this while looking at a few sites. Thought it was interesting little diversion. Any old school adventure fans will love it along with the sequels posted on the site. The game is called The Crimson Room. You objective is to make it out of the room by pointing and clicking on the objects in the room and putting items together. Give it a try:


The Crimson Room


It took me about 35 minutes to finally get out. There are also two other rooms to work through on the home page. The second one was giving me a headache so I took a break. ;)

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OMG ! I stayed up wayyy to late playing all three of these this morning.

The Crimson Room was a challenge, The Viridian Room was freaking hard. :bh

The Blue Chamber was a little disappointing in it's shortness.


I did not think I was ever going to finish the Viridian Room. What was the most difficult thing to figure out for yours ?

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I felt the exact same way, the blue room was too easy, and short. The Crimson room was a bit of a challenge, but the viridian room was a pain in the ole arse!!! I didn't realize one little thing you had to do, it took me a while to figure it out, but after i did the rest of the room fell into place.

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I input the URL from the piece of paper in another window and got "3833". Those numbers dont work that way or upside down (3383).


"4621" does not work either. Hmm...


edit: I tried the link in IE and got "5222" That doesnt work either. Then I just gave up and put the link in the same window i was in (trying to see if that made a difference) and got the same "3833".

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Here is the deal with the safe code (as far as I understand it)


1. You must visit the site that gives you the code during the same game as you use it in (I think it might use cookies or something)


2. When you enter it, you must get it right on the first try.


After many failed tries, I followed the rules above and it worked for me. Let me know if you find it to be any different.

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