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Sega's Condemned! (New next-gen game for Xbox Next, PS3)

Romier S

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The latest Game Informer will have the first information on Sega's new horror title set to debut on the next Xbox, PS3 and PC's. No information is known about the game as of right now but I do have the cover to the magazine available for those interested in picking it up and reading some more:


Game Informer cover featuring Condemned


As soon as more info (and screens are released) I'll be sure to post them here.

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Damn, I was hoping for a game where you go around to various buildings searching for building code violations trying to shut them down for good. :D.


Bonus points for getting rid of that pesky orphanage for the big land developer.


Nice covershot for the actual game though. And they also point out that the game's scheduled for PC as well, which is very excellent news to me :).

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Some info I came across:


- Xbox 2 launch game (other platforms TBA)

- Developed by Monolith, published by Sega

- Inspired by Seven and Silence of the Lambs rather than Doom 3 or RE.

- The game is in first-person

- Lots of exploration w/ six forensic tools to use.

- Havok 3.0 physics on all objects

- You play an FBI agent hunting psychotic serial killers

- Bulk of fighting is melee combat. Around 20 weapons; pipes, pieces of wood, shovels, etc..

- Xbox 2 only "slightly harder to work with than the Xbox"

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- Inspired by Seven and Silence of the Lambs rather than Doom 3 or RE.

- The game is in first-person

- Bulk of fighting is melee combat. Around 20 weapons; pipes' date=' pieces of wood, shovels, etc.. [/quote']


Did I miss where there was far more first-person fighting in SE7EN than Doom 3, then? :)


Still, if Sega are interested, it might be good.

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Good find, Camp. I agree it looks very atmospheric... I could almost sense it being the first console launch game since (I suppose) Night Trap to make the right wing journalists of the British media foam at the mouth with outrage. :) The shot of that smash to the face with the wood and nail is rather brutal to say the least.



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Well since we are on Xbox360 overload as far as hardware is concerned, I thought I would resurrect this thread with some news on Condemned which is looking to be one piece of software that I'll most definitely be all over. IGN has a new article up about the game which you can read here .


Condemned is a slow, distinct game based on methodical pacing and investigative exploration. You want to explore and examine everything, because you're unraveling a mystery. Rooke is keen to point out how the game evolves. You start out as a regular guy in an investigation, but you slowly descend down a path of insanity and disconnectedness that effects your actions and your perception of exactly what happens in the game.


The levels we were shown were part of a train station, replete with old-fashioned lobbies built on stone annd marble floors -- perfect for pure eerie silences quickly shattered by rustling enemies, falling boxes, or rusty metal sounds. The train station offered both wide open rooms and small to medium size rooms perfect for creating claustrophobic sensations. The game also features alleyways and rural areas, and it takes place in a large, fictitious area metropolitan area, inspired in a roundabout way by Seattle.


The action takes place through a combination of collecting clues, tracing data, trailing forensic data, and through melee and weapon-based combat. You'll start out with very little, and you'll see no inventory screen at all, increasing the sense of realism and raptness. Enemies appear every so often from hidden locations, giving you clues with sounds and occasional visuals to prepare you. Unlike few games before it, Condemned enables players to use their environment differently. You need a weapon? Grab a pipe from inside a crumbling wall and us it to belt an enemy across the face. Can't find a pipe? Break off a plank from a wooden bench. The nails on the one side will help a lot. You'll find all sorts of random and interesting weapons as you progress -- mannequin legs, sledge hammers, axes, tasters, planks with nails, shotguns, handguns, and more.


Methodical pace? Serial Killer mystery to unravel? Forensics tools? Scary atmosphere? God, should I give you my money now or do I really have to wait until the game is released? ;)


I've taken the liberty of uploading two new movies of the game as well (there are two more in that article). I highly recommend giving them a watch so you can get an idea of the gameplay and atmosphere. The game also happens to look pretty damn nice also.




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Gamespot has a new interview with a Sega rep on the game. There's a bunch of footage intermixed with the interview including more focus on the forensics tools and some more action. The game looks really nice so far and it's apparently due during the holidays this year. Hopefully it's a x360 launch title as it would make the decision of which game to buy at launch much easier. ;)


Here's the video



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IGN has a new interview with the guys behind Condemned for the 360. They talk about the inspiration for the game as well as how some of the mechanics work. They also have a few new screenies that show of the games atmospheric locations and lighting.




IGN: How did the combat system originate? What ideas were you going for, what did you ditch?


Dave Hasle: A couple of key words came to mind when we started thinking about the combat for an action-horror game: a. Up-close-and-personal, b. Street combat.


We knew we wanted to deal with the hunt for serial killers and that gritty street combat was something we wanted to bring to gaming life -- not shooting your opponent from a hundred yards but hand-to-hand and in-your-face. We also wanted a system that uses items found on the street, not bought in the back hallways of the Pentagon -- sticks, pipes, boards with nails in them. We didn't leave the fire-arms out completely - we just decided to restrict your ammo a bit and then give you a stun-gun for when the other side has a fire-arm and maybe you don't.


IGN: How have you been getting to grips with the Microsoft Beta Kits? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?


Dave: The Beta Kits came at a performance price that neither we, nor anyone else out there, wanted to pay. When you have a screen fill-rate of four times of previous hardware, you need some serious power to move it all flawlessly at a seamless framerate. Though there is a lot of power in the Beta kits, we wanted more. When you combine a new platform with new monthly refined X







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