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NBA Street Vol 3 - 2/10

Chris F

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Matt, I've played it a little. the interface is standard EA interface. The interface is not quite as nice as a lot of Live games, but not completely terrible like Champions 2 for PS2.


I didn't get a chance to play last night, but i'll probably be playing this weekend. I think if you enjoyed Vol. 2, you'd more than likely enjoy this one. there's a nice selection of courts, and lots of customization options as well. Graphics are very good, and much upgraded from Vol. 2.

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Thomas, I haven't seen your Friend Request. I'll send you one this afternoon. I actually wasnt online that night, but I'm online this afternoon (Sunday) and looking to get a little Street b-ball game going.


Any takers for some Sunday Afternoon b-ball?


**Edited topic to reflect todays date.

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