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Checked your change lately?


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I think they were only released like January 10th of this year (the Wisconsin quarter), so don't bother looking in a year old jar of change or anything. :)


Hmm, looks like they were out a little bit before then, but not much:




The U.S. Mint, which created 453 million Wisconsin quarters between October and December, said Tuesday it was trying to determine how the markings got there by reviewing its manufacturing and inspection processes. It did not know how many quarters with the markings were made.


Just glancing through a few articles, it seems like most of the coins with the error have turned up in Texas. Still, it can't hurt to look for one!

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Just resurrecting this thread because I came across a Wisconsin quarter in my change. Unfortunately, it's not one of the "error" variations, but in looking for a way to tell them apart, I found a pretty good link that shows all three variations, quite clearly.





This doesn't have the extra leaf. I guess its worthless then correct?


Well....it's still worth twenty-five cents. :)

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