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Introduce Yourself- New Members thread Part Deux


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The original thread can be found HERE


Hello everyone. We would like to Welcome everyone to LCVG. If you want to discuss gaming in a adult manner you have found the right place. We always welcome new members. Enjoy!!


To introduce yourself please state


Your real name:

Favorite current games or fav games this gen so far:

Systems you own:

What you want from this forum:

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I would like to add that we realize there have been a lot of new sign-ups in the past few weeks. However, many of those people have yet to post anything. I just wanted to say that all of us on the staff as well as long established members here at LCVG welcome you with open arms and encourage you to join in on the various discussions we have going on. We're open to opinions of all kinds, and if you think you have something worthwhile to say, by all means say it.


If nothing else, please feel free to take a moment and introduce yourselves here in this thread so we can at least say hi!

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Erm, I feel like a goof introducing myself. :) Hi, class.


Real name: Jon. Wasn't aware people would be signing up under aliases here, but that's a'ight with me.


Favorite current games or fav games this gen so far: Halo 2 (it's like crack, especially online), Ninja Gaiden, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Star Wars: KOTOR, UT 2004 (I've yet to play KOTOR 2, Splinter Cell: PT and Riddick.) Don't get me started on the older generations...


Systems I own: XBox, PC. Older ones included Atari 2600, Intellivision, NES, Apple, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Dreamcast, Playstation.


What I want from this forum: Discussion with people who have a healthy passion and attitude about games. Konami to bring Castlevania to the XBox. EA to sell the Ultima IP to a nice developer and give me a worthy re-make of U7. And a bag of black jelly beans.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey all....

I've been aware of this site since the beginning, as certain people know... ;) , but have finally managed to get my tuchus motivated to register.

So hello everyone, and I hope we hear alot of each other often.


Real name: Jim Fagan

Fav Games: Doom ( PS1 ), No Mercy, BaldursGate-DA, MediEvil, MK's 1-3, Goldeneye, StarWars:JPB ( Dreamcast), SOCOM, Ace Combat 4, Diablo 2, and many more...but right now I am still addicted to my MAME emulators.

Systems owned: Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, PS1 & 2, Dreamcast (resto en paz), N64, GameCube, and soon to get another XBox again.


I am also a hardcore Star Wars fan, so I'll just let that one sit on it's own. :)

Talk to ya'll soon...

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Hello all, here's my info:


Real Name: Ron


Current Favourite game: World of Warcraft (1st MMORPG I've bothered subscribing to)


Recent Favourites: Spiderman 2(Xbox), Sly 2: Band of Thieves,

Katamari Damacy, Mario Party 6, X-Men Legends, I-Ninja, Burnout 3


Systems owned: PC(2 currently), Xbox, GameCube, GBA SP(2)

(Also, a fully functional Sega Master System, which I got at a garage sale (with games) for $10. Even the light phaser works!)


What I want from this forum: Originally registered to read the Carnivale thread, but I'll stick around and see what's up.

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Wow, I just discovered this on the forum, thought I'd throw up my little bit.


Real Name: Tom


Current Favourite game: World of Warcraft, Gran Turismo 4


Recent Favourites: Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Systems owned: PC, PS2, GameCube, GBA SP, NES


What I want from this forum: Originally to get to know the Eredar WoW guildmates, but now just to dicuss games and anything to do with them in general.

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Hello LCVG,


Real name: Jake


Current favorite game: Halo 2 and Planetside


Favorite games (current gen): Halo1, Deathrow(still dreaming for deathrow 2 for xbox live), MarioKart, Planetside, CS:Source, Halo2,


Systems owned: PC, NES, Sega, Xbox, Gamecube.


What I want from this forum: A respectful discussion about games.


xbox live tag: Semantics1

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I bought Deathrow after reading an IGN review... it reminded me of P.U.L.P for Playstation 1. I know it didn't sell too well but I think a sequel with Live support would do ok.



Anyway I guess I should post in this thread too, even though I'm not new here. A few of you know me from Halo 2.


Real Name: Mike


Current Favourite game: Halo 2


Recent Favourites: GTA: Vice City, TOCA 2, Transformers, Unreal Championship


Systems owned: PC (I only really use it for Grim Fandango though), PS1, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, Mac (haha!). And the oldies too... NES, SNES, Game Gear


What I want from this forum: Exactly what I've gotten... a great group of people to dicuss gaming and play on Xbox Live with, a place without bickering and petty pissing contests and people spelling words with 3s and 7s.

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Hi everyone.

I've been a lurker on this forum for a while, and have greatly admired from a far the community that has been built here. Many times at work, I often found myself glued to this site each time a new game came out, eagerly awaiting your thoughts and reviews. However, I recently switched jobs at work, about the time the site switched over to the new format and required registration to read it, and I was without my daily LCVG fix. I've tried my best to use this as an excuse to stop procrastinating at work and actually be productive, but could hold out no longer. I recently bought a PSP, and while looking across the internet for various discussions about it, I was reminded again of the great community here, and I was determined that this time I would try to be a part of it. So now I've registered, and thought my first post should be to introduce myself, and I also wanted to thank the creators of this site for giving me a place to go these past few years to read about all the games, movies, music, books, etc that we seem to have a common interest in. Y'all have done an excellent job!


Real Name: Mark


Favorite Games: Baldur's Gate (1 and 2), all Metroid games


Systems and Games currently in them: XBox - LiveArcade/Halo2, GameCube - DK Jungle Beat, DS - Mr. Driller, PSP - Lumines, GB SP - NES Castlevania, PC - Rise of Nations, Wife's PC - Bejeweled 2.


What I want: To continue to get excellent information about a lot of topics I am interested in and also to finally take the plunge with Multiplayer gaming. I've tried to hop on Live before, but was scared off by the so called unwashed masses. Y'all seem to have a great community on Live, and I can't wait to join you in some games.

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Welcome Mark! Thank you so much for the kind words and hurry up and meet us for som Live gaming soon! Make sure to throw your gamertag up soon so we can get you some friend invites. We have a few games of Doom 3, Republic Commando and Phantom Dust scheduled over the next two days. You'll find a bunch of folks here with every Live game under the sun so don't be shy. :tu

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I merged your post Chronic with the "Introduce yourself" thread already happening in the controller down area. The Site Announcement area is to be used only by LCVG administration for important announcements. I've made the proper changes to the forums permission set to prevent any non-admin posts in the future.


As far your past banning is concerned, act like a reasonable adult and you'll be just fine.

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