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Tivo/Superbowl Disaster (Video)


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What happens when your Tivo turns the channel to HBO to record "Sex and the City" while a group of ten people are watching the superbowl? Imagine for a moment this happening just as Tom Brady puts his hands under the center on the one yard line. Now imagine the channel changing, ten people ripping me a new one as I fumble to change the channel back! And then finally, when the channel is changed back, everyone is greeted to the extra point following an apparent Brady/Branch touchdown at the end of the first half.


Using TivoToGo I have posted this moment on my web site. Unfortunately you can't hear the people screaming at me, but use your imagination. Also understand that we were watching the superbowl on FOXHD, a channel number I did not have memorized. So I opted to change the channel to 1 and then scroll downward to FOX. It seems like a looong time when watching the video, but it is even longer with people screaming at you - many of whom thought I was doing it on purpose to be an ass. I had to ignore them and keep my composure.




After changing the channel back I secretly knew that Tivo would change the channel again once Sex and the City was done taping. Fool that I am I told everyone that, and they demanded that I fix the problem right then and there. Of course, the irrational guests didn't understand that we'd miss more of the game for the minute it would take to make the fix. I had to convince them that fixing the problem during the halftime show was more sensible.


So top that!

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I was at Keith's house for this incident, and let's just say Keith barely escaped a public lynching! As Keith and I both have a tendency for over the top humor at times, I was yelling at him, thinking he was just being a wise ass. One thing Keith forgot to mention is that in addition to missing this touchdown, Keith personally missed every Patriots touchdown Live. Every other touchdown they scored Keith was off tending to his baby. See Keith, you are a bandwagon fan to the highest degree. Any real fan would time thier moments away from the game so that they don't miss a home team score. I'm sure you'll blame it on your baby, saying she needed immediate attention and love, but we all know it's because you aren't a dedicated football fan.

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Does your Tivo not ask you before it changes your station?


Yes, but my Tivo2 receives standard definition from my cable box while the HD signal is sent directly to my TV. While watching the HD broadcast, if Tivo pops up that little "Is it ok to change the channel" dialog, I won't see or hear it unless I change the inputs on my TV and Receiver. So, the effect was a random and mysterious change at 8pm Superbowl Sunday.

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