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Valentine's Day is coming: Help me avoid certain death!

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Ok guys, I am in serious trouble.


My wife has been making a huge fuss about having the 'perfect' Valentine's Day for the last couple of weeks. I really haven't made plans or anything resembling plans yet, and I'm worried she's going to kill me when she finds out.


I haven't really had much practice at this romance crap because I started dating her when I was 16. To me, romance is letting her have the best drops when we play Champions of Norrath. I'm still pretty inclined to do something fitting within the 'female' definition of romance since she let me go way over our agreed budget on a new computer and I want to live to see it. I'm pretty open to suggestions from all you pimps and playas out there.

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First off, you /do/ know it's tomorrow, right?


Get onto 1-800-Flowers or ftd.com right now & get 'em organised.


Going out to restaurants on Valentine's Day is generally a pain as they're overbooked & overbusy - a couple of years ago, the wait at our local Macaroni Grill was over two hours for example. If you're trying to do something for tomorrow night, you're screwed if you want to eat out.


My suggestion - don't bother with trying to plan it for tomorrow. Instead, book an overnight stay at her favourite fancy hotel for next weekend, take her to dinner & a movie, or whatever she enjoys. A night of pampering like that usually goes down well.

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You're running out of time to plan flower deliveries or reservations for dinner. You could try, but it will probably be a pain in the ass.


If I were you, I'd try to prepare a romantic, pamper filled night at home. Cook dinner (candlelit), clean everything up yourself, get her into a bubble bath (with rose petals), and join her if your tub is big enough. Then later on, be sure you are much more of a "giver" than a "receiver", if you know what I mean. You'll be a freekin hero. Valentine's Day saved. :D

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I got my wife a diamond heart pendant. After some negotiation (and a lot of circles around the mall jewelry stores).. $187...$199 with the service plan as she works and tends to break stuff.


I'm not normally one for jewelry, but it was about time. I always recommend flowers. Women love flowers. Stop by your local flower shop, pay the big bucks, and get her a dozen long stem roses. And a nice dinner out somewhere.


I made Valentine's Day dinner myself when I proposed to her (Chicken Fettucine Alfredo, etc). But I also sliced my thumb open as I had no corkscrew for the wine and tried to open it with a knife. And there was smoke in the house from something that got on the burner while I was bleeding. Oh and there were no bandaids in the house so I had to wrap paper towel and duct tape to hold it, around my bleeding thumb.


Other than that it was good. :D

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Man, I saw my life flash before my eyes today. I had planned on making a scrapbook for her since all our old love letters and stuff were in one box and it would have been easy. Then I was going to cook dinner for her but screw it up and look all helpless.


However, when I tried to get all the stuff together, I found out that she had already been making a scrapbook. Then I found out that I was going to have to physically go in to the office today, so it looked like cooking dinner was out too.


First I called her at work to explain the situation and ask her if we could put V-day off until tomorrow. I gave her plenty of time to bitch to her coworkers about what an asshole I am. Then I stopped by her work (which was on the way to my office) and gave her a dozen roses, a card, and some candy in full view of the people I'm sure she had been bitching to. The best part is that the roses rang up at half price at Wal-Mart for some reason, so they came out at $6.44 instead of the typical $15-$20.


I came out of everything pretty much in the clear (in fact, I got to hit it before dinner), with little effort or monetary outlay. After dinner, I somewhat jokingly suggested that we find a quiet parking lot and get kinky, to which she replied "What do you think this is, Grand Theft Auto?". Then we went across the street to Toys R Us but all the games from the green tag sale were gone.


THe most important thing here is.. Does she have a cute sister? And if so, does the sister like videogames?


She's got a sister, but she's married, only a casual gamer, and not overly cute.


My wife is like all h@rdc0r3 though, what with getting all the skill points and platinum bolts in the Ratchet and Clank games

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