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TivoToGo: Whose Got it!?


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I finally got my TivoToGo update yesterday. It is very cool. Wanted to know who else has got it, what you're doing with it, and what tools you are using. So far I have found two uses:

1) Transferring a funny clip from the superbowl to my web site (See my superbowl thread)

2) I copied the audio from "Meet the Press" to my pocketPC and listened to it on the train this morning.


I have to admit, I do think bringing TV programming with me "on the go" with my pocketPC has a lot of potential. Not sure if watching a TV show or movie will workout, but maybe. They would have to be programming that visuals aren't that important (news shows or dialog-driven movies).


Grabbing clips from TV for use in DVD projects will probably eventually prove useful. And perhaps being able to archive to DVD certain shows will be useful, though anything worth keeping would probably be a DVD purchase down the line anyway. I bet though that circumstances will present themselves.


As far as process and technology: I'm using this program that lets me convert the Tivo files to MPEG without DRM. Then from there I use Premiere to render them in whatever format I need. Or for audio I use media cleaner to render MP3s. This three step process (transfer, decode to MPEG/Wav, encode to MP3/WMV) is relatively time-consuming, so I don't see this being a daily routine for programming. Hopefully the process will become more automated in the future. My guess is that will happen with a different service and handheld down the line.


Anyway, so far this seems like an excellent Tivo progression. I give it a thumbs up!

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