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Your not going to believe what EA is doing to BF2


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From the latest interview:


FZ: Many of our readers have been curious about how private servers will compare to official. It has been mentioned Electronic Arts will be providing servers where statistics will be stored and distributed to the other official Battlefield 2 servers, which private servers do not - probably due to security reasons. Would it not be very likely that private servers will quickly become a "no no" for players wanting to play the same character on different servers? (Mikael Walling, Georg Marcusson)


LG: It is correct that only "official" Battlefield 2 servers will collect player statistics and we have done this only because of security reasons. Should you want to see your character gain ranks and get the rewards you have already made your choice. That character will only grow on the official servers. The private servers are still an excellent choice to do some good ol' fashion Battlefield 1942 and Vietnam combat where the "present" fun is what counts.


Remember how much fun it was to play on a Smacktard filled Battlefield EA server that never had an admin around? Now your not going to have the choice but to play there to be able to take advantage of all the features. But wait - you do. For approx. $5000.00 a year you can rent your own server from EA that you can admin and be able to unlock some of the new features, like stats, tracks and new weapons for higher ranked players.


The BF community, as expected, is in shock at this new announcment. We at Wolfgaming have looked into the option of maybe renting an official server to take advantage of these features but of course the vast majority have said no. No way we want to spend that kind of money when its much cheaper otherwise and no way we want to hand it over to a company like EA that uses cheap tactics like this so they can make more money.


We'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out. I hope EA's greed doesn't kill the Battlefield franchise and implemeting this "exclusive" system is a big step in the wrong direction.


You can read more some thoughts on the PlanetBattlefield forums here and here

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From that article it seems that if I don't play on true BF2 servers, then all I'm missing out on is the special features and tracking. It doesn't appear from that, that my only choice is to play on their servers.


To be honest I may not even buy it. It looks like Desert Combat pretty much. Part of the allure with BF for me, was the World War II stuff which made the game fun. The Desert Combat/Vietnam stuff gets old pretty fast due to the weaponry.


This is unless a gratifying review comes out that convinces me.

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Well here's what its all about.


If you want to be able to access all of the features within BF2 you have to play on a official EA server that never has an admin around, has terrible map rotations and brutal server settings. I'm not sure how many of you know what a Smackfest BF can be without an admin on, the EA servers are a running joke within the entire community due to the n00bs and Smacktards and is a breeding ground of terrible gameplay.


Most everyone I know avoids these servers like the plague.


The concept of what they are doing is just wrong. Sure, you can play on a private server (and most of us will) but what EA is doing is a slap to the face for us that have supported this game from Day 1. So the only real choice we are left with is to spend some big money to rent an official EA server to be able to access all the features.


People can rent 3 or 4 servers for the amount EA wants for one of theirs.


Its creating quite a storm in the BF community and is a dirty lowball tactic, but it isn't surprising coming from EA.

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I agree this is a pretty crappy move on their part. Even if they are doing it solely in the name of security, then why not allow the ranking and unlocking systems on private servers and just not have it interact with the ranking on "official" servers? You could even set it up so private servers could "trust" or "not trust" ranks gained on other servers in order to allow them to police themselves more easily when cheaters become an issue.


I looked around for some info on what kind of rewards you get from gaining rank, and it was just generic descriptions like "new weapons, decals, and medals". I'm wondering that with a game like Battlefield, if things like rewarding frequent players with better weapons would result in unbalanced gameplay.

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