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Gauntlet Seven Sorrows (PS2, Xbox and PC)

Romier S

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Midway continue to push it's way into being a respected publisher by yet again resurrecting it's Gauntlet franchise. This time though, the 3D-FX graphics have been replaced with an attractive take on the old the Gauntlet world as well as a new Darker storyline and more serious tone. The best part about this new announcement is that Gauntlet will finally be going online with 4 player co-op along with a trade and bartering system. You can read more here .


Some worthy tidbits:


The premise still revolves around four immortal heroes who set out to kill the most powerful and evil emperor their age had ever known. But things didn't end up quite as sunny as you'd expect. The four brave warriors failed. To pay for their crime, they were all crucified to a tree at the bottom of the world and left there for the past two centuries.


Fortunately, the quartet is mysteriously freed from its woodsy site of crucifixion to prepare to try the whole "save the world" thing once more...though this time with feeling. But their quest isn't quite that cut and dried, because their foe, the evil and powerful emperor, is in a pretty weird mental place. Driven to grief by seven acts of deep cruelty and selfishness, the emperor isn't entirely sane these days and is hoping for some redemption. Of the six heinous acts that have him in his current situation, the biggie is the murder of his lover, Cusirimay. While the emperor's quest for redemption sounds good in theory, he's being a little heavy-handed about it by wreaking havoc on the land. So, for better or for worse, the heroes set out to help their enemy to save the world.


As cool as all that sounds, the most significant addition to the experience for many will likely be the tweaks and expansions to the multiplayer component of the game. Besides the expected offline multiplayer modes, Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows is set to offer some meaty online options as well. The game will support up to four players online for co-op play, which is just what the doctor ordered for many fans of the series. In addition, Midway is aiming to create a community for players with the inclusion of a trade and barter system that will let you make enterprising use of the items you collect.


You can take a look at a slew of screenshots here .




Gauntlet Legacy wasn't exactly the most loved game out there but I remember buying the PS2 version when released and spending a load of time playing the game with friends. I'm personally really happy to see the game heading to Xbox Live as the service has been devoid of these types of games so far.

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