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January NPD Sales numbers...

Romier S

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Thus far here are the top ten games by platform for this month NPD sales:


PS2 GRAND THEFT: ANDREAS $11,102,990 241,105

PS2 MERCENARIES $8,963,925 182,621

PS2 NEED SPEED:UNDRGRND 2 $6,944,176 142,465

PS2 NFL STREET 2 $5,406,236 108,684

PS2 MADDEN NFL 2005 $3,612,687 125,264


GCN RESIDENT EVIL 4 $16,392,040 319,197

GCN MARIO PARTY 6 W/MIC $3,100,818 63,128

GCN MARIO POWER TENNIS $1,440,515 29,335

GCN PAPER MARIO: THOUSAND $1,188,315 24,074

GCN NFL STREET 2 $1,119,546 22,508


XBX MERCENARIES $9,883,701 201,139

XBX HALO 2 $5,607,576 124,027

XBX NEED SPEED:UNDRGRND 2 $4,190,432 86,064

XBX THE PUNISHER $3,054,866 61,833

XBX SW:KNIGHT REPUBLIC II $2,956,659 59,580


GBA ZELDA: THE MINISH CAP $6,423,125 216,969

GBA KINGDOM HEARTS: CHAIN $3,754,890 110,297

NDS SUPER MARIO 64 DS $3,313,954 109,087

GBA POKEMON FIRERED W/ADP $1,478,530 42,435

GBA THE INCREDIBLES $1,467,566 50,027


I'll post more numbers along with the hardware as soon as they are available. Good opening numbers for Resident Evil 4 but honestly it deserved to do much better and should of. Still being the best selling game for the month isn't all bad. ;)

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Hardware numbers are out, and are a little suprising considering the momentum XBox has had in the past few months thanks to Halo 2. Guess the PS2 shortages seem to be a thing of the past. It's worth noting that February may give the PS2 an even bigger boost thanks to GT4.


PS2: 488,000 (+44% from last January)

Xbox: 241,000 (+25% from last January)

Gamecube: 114,000 (-15% from last January)

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I've definitely seen more available around here than there were in December. Before Christmas, there were no PS2s or Xboxes anywhere, there seems to be a steady supply of both now. I think Sony solved the supply problems, but Microsoft are being slow to deliver new supplies. I wonder why.

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