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I have a very bad feeling about this (Ebay related)


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Okay, so you might have seen in my other thread, I bought a Japanese PS2 off of Ebay to play import PS2 games. I'm getting a really bad feeling in my gut that I'm getting scammed and I want to know what you all think. When I bought this system (on the 15th), it was the only auction he had going on. Now he has about 20-30 auctions of very valuable electronics with no prior history of doing so...laptops, a few digital cameras, some camcorders, etc. He had nine feedback when I bought from him, and his account was a year and a half old.


I didn't get a response for two days after I bought (and paid for) the system, until today. He apologized for not replying and said the system will ship next Monday and take 3-5 days for delivery. I have two theories.


One, he just went to Japan or Canada and bought a bunch of stuff to resell and try to get into the business on Ebay. He's not a very experienced Ebayer and isn't moving as fast as he should be, but he's new.


Two, this guy is making a grab for a few quick thousand dollars OR his account and email have been hijacked by a phisher that is doing the same thing. I'm worried he's trying to stall me until his other auctions end later, so I don't cause too much trouble until he is ready to disappear.


The more and more I think about it, I think this guy is trouble and I don't want to lose all that money!

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I don't know what options you have, but definately follow your gut asap. If you can get your money back you can try and get your PS2 elsewhere. Just act if you can.


I wrote emails to Ebay and PayPal just giving them a heads-up to watch the guy. He DID write me back again this evening saying he's just getting into selling refurb and new electronics like his brother, so I feel a LITTLE better. Anyway, there isn't anything I can do until next Tuesday anyway, so we'll see if he comes through with the tracking number I guess.

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