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Xbox Live Stuff - Memorial Day Weekend

Chris F

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I know a lot of you are doing the BBQ / Family thing this weekend, but I thought I'd toss this out for you...


I don't have much to do this weekend (as in NOTHING), and I'd like to get some quality Xbox Live time in. I just wanted to see if there was any interest in getting together in the evenings (or afternoons) over the long weekend for some Xbox Live action. Anyone who's going to be around is welcome to join up.


I figure we'll do some standard RtCW, with some Mech Assault, some Unreal Championship and Moto GP2 races.


Now I haven't messed around with anything other than RtCW recently, so I figured a long weekend is as good a time as any to get some practice and some fun in. I'd also like to try out the new maps in UC, as well as the CTF stuff and new maps in MechAssault as well.


I'll be around all weekend, so get in touch with me via AIM, e-mail or PM (since I'll be lurking on these forums all weekend) and we'll try and get something setup. Hope to see you guys then!

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I have tentative plans for Saturday night, but outside of that, I'm completely free.


I have: MA, RTCW, PSO


I should be getting today: MGP2 & maybe IP


My skill level on all except PSO (where I'm hampered only by my character's low level) is borderline pathetic. :D

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I saw most of you guys playing RtCW, but there were a few playing MotoGP 2 as well. I don't know who has what game(s), so it's a blind guess when I start inviting everyone to Moto GP2 (or other games for that matter).


Tomorrow during the day, since there seem to be less of us with Unreal Championship, I'll try running a server and those of you who have the game, and will be online, can join up for some fragging.



Later in the evening, I'll run a Moto GP 2 server, and afterwards a RtCW for us all. Somewhere inbetween I'll maybe try a MechAssault server running CTF as well.

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What a bust this weekend. My cable was out for a good portion of the weekend, and to top it off, my video card died in my PC. SO I did NO online gaming (PC or Xbox Live) the entire weekend.


On a bright noter, my cable is back up (and good as new apparently), and I treated myself to a new Radeon 9800 Pro video card for my PC.


Anyone up for some RtCW or Moto GP 2 tonight?

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The folks are watching the game in the lving room, so I'm off the Xbox until either:


a. they leave the living room

b. I try to hook up the Xbox in my room, although this is a long shot for the moment since I don't want to have to recable everything. :)


So I'll be on after 9PM most likely, and I'll be able to game until about midnight. See you guys in a bit!

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