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My Xbox case mod (pics)

Gary P

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Sorry Dean,

Cal made fun of me when I mentioned I wanted to do this a while back, so I decided to keep it on the down low :D Anyway, thanks for the kind words guys!


I can't really recommend the site I got the stuff from because at this point in time the service is so bad. They lie about your order status, wont return emails, etc... so just be aware of the situation. They claim they are going to remedy this immediately, but who knows. Anyway, you can check out the goodies over at MasterMods


As far as actual installation, pretty easy. You'll need a Torx 20 (star shaped bit) a pair of needlenose pliers, a hole-saw and / or Dremel, and a phillips-head screwdriver. The led's will plug into the HDD power lead with a Molex? plug and has a passthrough, no need to cut/solder anything


Note: Popping the top off your box will void the warranty which was a non-issue for me.


If anyone wants more specific instructions feel free to ask!


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