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DVD Roundup 2/20-2/26


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Welcome to the worst DVD release week in history. There are some rehased SE's, but not much otherwise



I Heart Hucklebees Low Price

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""SE $29.99

Striperella S1 $15.99

Heat SE $15.99

Get Shorty SE $15.99

The Shield S3 $34.99

King of Queens S3 $29.99

$17.99 each Anime- Nausicaa, The Cat Returns, Porco Rosso

South Park Season sets Buy 2 Save $10, Buy All 5 save $75

South park S5 $29.99

Saw $19.99


Oscar Winners $9.99

Schindlers List





Rain Man

Ben Hur

The Godfather

Circuit City

I Heart Hucklebees Low Price

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""SE $24.99

Striperella S1 $14.99

Heat SE $17.99

Get Shorty SE $17.99

The Shield S3 $39.99

King of Queens S3 $27.99

South Park Season 5 $32.99


Past Releases

Taxi $19.99

Shark Tale $19.99

Saw $17.99

The Notebook $17.99

Ray $19.99

Mr. 3000 $19.99


3 for $20

Harlom Nights

Welcome to America

The Core

Enemy at the Gates

Night at the Roxbury

Original Kings of Comedy

Charlottes Web

Tomb Raider

Runaway Bride

The First Wives Club

Sleepy Hollow

Major League

Talented Mr Ripley

Changing Lanes



What Women Want

Varisty Blues

The Ghost in the Darkness


Award Winning Movies $9.99



Saving Private Ryan

The Last Samuri


Master and Commander



I Heart Hucklebees Low Price

Heat SE $17.99

Get Shorty SE $19.99

The Shield S3 $39.99

South Park Season 5 $29.99

$10 DVD's

Gangs of NY

Whale Rider

The Missing

Sweet Home Alabame

Club Dredd


The Simple Life Road Trip

Tears of the Sun


Daredevil DC


$7.50 DVD's


The Prince and Me

SNL Chris Farley

Forrest Gump

The Princess Bride SE

Italian Job

West Side Story

Just Married

How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days

School of Rock


Uptown Girls

SNL Adam Sandler



24 S3 $39.99

Arrested Developement S1 $22.99

That 70's show $29.99

Wonderfalls $22.99

21 Jump Street S1 $24.99

Dawsons Creek S4 $29.99

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Wow. Worst week, indeed. I might get Schindler's List since it's so cheap, though. I have a hard time watching it, so I'm still unsure of purchasing it.


Is it my imagination, or are DVDs finally getting as cheap as VHS tapes used to be at their peak of sales? Wouldn't mind all new DVDs streeting for less than $19.99, though.

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