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Happy Birthday Nightwing ( Calvin )


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Calvin is a very happy 36 yrs old now. His birthday was yesterday and he got a very special gift, something he has been wanting for quite awhile.... he is the proud owner of a bouncing baby HDTV. :rock


And I finally get Picture in Picture so when he channel surfs during commercials, I don't miss whatever show I was watching. :D

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Happy B-day C-vin!


One thing though' date='...



So what happened to the HDTV you won from the radio station?[/quote']


Unfortunatly, it was not what we wanted. It was a model from a few years ago I believe, it was HD ready, and it was only 26 inches. Size does matter in some cases guys. We already have a 36 inch TV, and we did not want to downgrade. So, we sold it.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words :)


I still can't believe that I'm finally going to get my HDTV. Just to put this into a home theatre perspective...


I have had one TV until now, a 36" Toshiba w/s-video


I've upgraded my receiver once,upgraded my sub to a powered one,and have had 4 stand-alone DVD players (1st one bought when they were brand new was garbage,2nd one kept breaking down,& the 3rd permanent loaner is in my mom's bedroom).


Impressions will be forthcoming... :D


Of course,none of this could have happened without the help of my soon to be ex-fiancee',Leslie.I don't know what I'd do without her...




Again,everyone - thanks for the birthday wishes!

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